“There are moments when even to the sober eye of reason,
the world of our sad humanity may assume the semblance of Hell.”

-Edgar Allen Poe

Adventure Ideas: Page 4

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And yet, even more adventures to help keep your players up at night!

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These next five adventures ideas come from personal friend, BtS fan and frequent House contributor Anthony Uyl!

Cavern Prison

Random BTS illustrationHook: The characters have overheard people and young adults talking about a nearby series of caves that young people like to visit, explore and perform dares in. These young people quite often take long forays into the caves either climbing, spelunking or doing other underground adventures that are either legitimate or all out dangerous. Recently however some cave explorers have discovered a new series of caverns and now people down in the caves have started to disappear. No one knows for certain what is happening down there and authorities have done full searches of the cave network to try to find them to no avail. Local and state police are tight lipped about what they have seen down there and are not encouraging anyone to go looking for lost loved ones in the caves.
The local Native American tribes have asked that people not be allowed to go down into those caves and leave well enough alone for years. Until recently, those requests have fallen on deaf ears. Now the local and state police are thinking of taking those warnings more seriously but do not think it has anything to do with their stories of ancient spirits.

Line: The local search and rescue teams are hard to get any information out of but with some coaxing they will say that they've found the new caverns. There's lots of strange pictographs on the wall all along one of the rooms that was uncovered. They would like to bring a specialist down there to discern what they mean to find out what is happening to the people that are vanishing down there. They don't think its anything supernatural, they think its a serial abductor and the lunatic's antics are somehow related.

Sinker: What's happening in the caves is indeed supernatural and once the psionic abilities of the characters is detected they will be assailed by demons. Upon getting to the new cavern, they will discover an ancient altar that looks like it has dried blood on it and indeed there are many pictograph's on the walls. If they are able to decipher them at all they will discover that a group of lesser demons with a greater demon master have been trapped down here for a few hundred years by ancient Native American medicine men and the demons need a number of souls and sacrifices to be released. They are sacrificing these people on the altar in the new cavern to ensure their escape.

Euphoric Forest

Hook: Some of the locals in a small town have recently started to promote a nearby area of trees where they say happiness is in the air. The locals say that within the copse of trees is an area of positive energy that encourages both physical and emotional health. They further claim that all those that go into the area feel a great desire to never leave the town and it makes for a boom in housing and real estate. The locals are extremely happy that this place has been found as the town was not doing so well financially. They thank a young girl named Carly, who they claim is the only person living within the specific forested area for bringing such vitality to the townsfolk.

Line: A local scientist has gone into the area to try and find out what the secret of the “positive energy” is. He says there are things going on in the forest that no one is talking about. He claims that on several outings into the woods he was accosted by this Carly girl and she tried to take him to an area in the forest that did not seem right. He says he has never felt any euphoria or positive energy and he thinks that it has to do with his refusal to go along with Carly's scheme, whatever it may be. He does not trust the girl or what she is doing to the town.

Sinker: Carly is really a greater demon in disguise and is drawing people into the copse of trees to get them to hand over their souls for what she calls a lifetime of happiness. She knows that she can play upon the townsfolk's feelings of hopelessness and now is glad to see that others from surrounding cities and counties are being drawn to the area.
Carly's master is bound to be happy by the development and the demon hopes that shell be able to move on to a new small town soon. Characters who approach the area will see that Carly's section of the forest is dead and lifeless while the euphoric area is bright and vibrant. This is all an illusion to make people believe they re somewhere special.

Sacred Mountain

Hook: A group of Native-Americans are protesting the mining of a mountainous range they claim is a sacred and is a burial ground for their ancient ancestors. The natives insist that the mining operations cannot go forward since it would be an insult to their heritage and their ancient ways.
The mining corporation claims that they have done extensive surveying and their surveys have shown that there are no burial sites, ancient or otherwise, have been found. The mining corporation has done everything but all out insult the native council in saying that their claims are unfounded and the corporation figures that they are just protesting for the sake of causing problems.

Line: The P. C.'s are contacted by either a friend among the natives or a friend within the mining corporation to do an investigation into finding out how they can settle the dispute. The dispute is escalating and initial workers that are setting up the mine have started to claim that they are being attacked while at work. The workers are hesitant to say what is attacking them, but will eventually admit that monsters and demons are attacking them. No one has died yet, but they say its only a matter of time before someone does. As the P. C.'s do a psychic survey, they discover that a sentience does exist within the mountain, but as to who this intelligence sides with is unknown. The P. C.'s should be able to make contact with the mountain and hear that the intelligence is moving on anyway and doesn't care whether the mountain is mined or not.

Sinker: The natives will not listen to the P.C.'s belief that the intelligence does not care about the mining operation. They'll increase their protests until the corporation leaves the area. As the P.C.'s talk to the natives, they'll discover that a shaman within the native community is the one that's summoning the monsters to attack the miners. Once the shaman is exposed, the two sides might be able to come to an understanding with each other. As long as the attacks continue however, neither side is willing to negotiate.

Can We Make a Deal?

Hook: Wild stories are circulation about ghosts and zombies attacking a local town. The townsfolk are hesitant to speak about it, but they cannot deny that they're all scared. They don't think that anyone believes their stories, so they're hesitant to say what's happening.
If the P.C.'s stick around for a night they will witness firsthand the undead monsters that are attacking the town. Creatures such as Bone Fiends, Gravediggers, Revenants and Zombies all from Rifts: Dark Conversions book are excellent undead creatures to use.

Line: After an attack, the townsfolk will admit that the attacks started when a medium moved into town and started a business of contacting the dead for people. The townsfolk say that the medium is overconfident and sometimes abusive towards the spirits she summons. Most think the medium is a fake and that its all a show. P.C.'s will discover that he/she's a true medium, and angering the summoned souls. The medium imprisons and tortures the spirits, and its angering the undead in the netherealm as a whole.

Sinker: There is very little room for negotiating, but when the medium's actions are uncovered he/she will try to make a deal with the P.C.'s. The medium's doing great business and will try to convince the P.C.'s to fight off the undead for quite a substantial payment. The undead will also try to make a deal with the P.C.'s to kill the medium and stop the abuse. Neither side will give into the other and will only settle in the others destruction.

Sacrifice To Me

Hook: The P.C.'s read a news clip or online source mentioning a series of gruesome animal mutilations. Most of them are farm animals, and the local farmers are upset about their property and lively is being threatened. Local law enforcement, being severely overloaded at the time, is showing little concern over the crime. Not to get them wrong, they are interested in any information that may come their way, but there are “more serious” crimes currently that require their attention. Concerned farmers and other animal groups put out a call for help and the P.C.'s are drawn into the case either by friendly contacts or through a family relative living in the area.

Line: The source of the mutilations is a local lady who's husband's been imprisoned by a local sheriff that's possessed by a powerful demon. He quotes that there are more serious crimes to look after when really the local precinct is looking for cases. In fact, one brave detective has gone so far as to look into the case under the sheriff's nose. This detective, does not have enough evidence to prove anything or to accuse the sheriff of foul play but they know something isn't right.

Sinker: The mutilations are just the start for this poor woman. Eventually the possessed sheriff will corrupt to potential madness and eventually want her to sacrifice her husband to him in a show of fealty. As the investigations goes on, the animal killings will get more and more gruesome, and eventually mutilated humans will be discovered before being covered up. As the case drags on there will be more pressure to do something about it, especially if any human bodies are found. The P.C.'s will be hard pressed for time since the demon is planning on having her commit the awful human crimes, very soon.

Moonlight Dance in the Fields

Moonlight Dance in the Fields illustration by Chuck WaltonArtist Chuck Walton illustrated a creepy looking piece used in “The Handy Dandy Random Adventure Generator” (written by Chai Gallahun) from the
Rifter #63
. Chuck was kind enough to provide the illustration on his Deviant Art page,along with an explanation of who the characters are, and in the process provides an adventure idea that I felt was worth adding to the adventures section of the house.

“I chose to take elements from the charts to implement into the illustration and it worked out very well to capture that BTS atmosphere I was looking for.

The Story: I began to see after randomly picking through the BTS Adventure Generator tables, was a story about "Victoria the Sleep Walker." Unconsciously unaware that she emits a psionic siren like alluring aura, that makes her nearly irresistible to others, Victoria, is cursed with a patterned dream trance where she sleepwalks through the cornfields and meadows, fixated on a pair of white moths who represent her and her future lover. As long as she remains fixated on the moths she remains in the dream state, and the things that go bump in the night will not bring harm to her.

However… should anyone else follow her in the moonlight dance or attempt to wake her from her dream causing her to lose sight of the moths, then the crows and the wicked, Ripper-dolls that rise from the shadows will tear them to pieces. Removing Victoria from the town will not deter the crows and Ripper dolls as they are shadow shifters. Those that fall under her aura's trance are doomed to try and rescue her and thus becoming butchered victims whose remains are stuffed into the Scarecrows or actually becoming Ripperdolls themselves, living a life of nightmarish torment every time Victoria dreams. Soon the curse will be passed onto her lover, continuing the cycle.

How will poor Victoria be rescued? How many ex-lovers have fallen victim to the fields and become dolls themselves?”