“I must wonder if human psychics and practitioners of magic, but psychics in particular, are not evolution's answer to combating the supernatural. Perhaps psychic ability developed as a natural defense or counter measure to protect ourselves from supernatural beings and the forces of magic.”
― Victor Lazlo

Player Characters

This section is dedicated to Player Characters that have been invited to the House by fellow BTS fans!

Note: I have an excel character sheet that I use for my pregens, PC's & NPC's. I'm willing to send the sheet to anyone that wants it...
but there's a condition. For this site to be a fan site, I need fan involvement; so on the honor of the player/GM, I ask that you send me your creations for everyone to enjoy.

If you'd like this sheet, send me a note via the Contact Me section of the House or via the Palladium Forums (my user name is Mrloucifer).

Image of Henry Johnson

Henry Johnson

The honor of first Player Character submitted to the House goes to Troy “Dolcet” Brock. Henry Johnson is Sword Bearer from Nightbane (Nightlands) and an Antiquities Consultant.

While I hadn't considered the Sword Bearer O.C.C. for BtS before, I really like the idea of this O.C.C. as much as I do Henry's character as a whole. Take out the verbiage of The Nightlords and putting The Supernatural in its place, and you've got a BtS worthy O.C.C. with little alteration required.

Henry is the possessor of “Shamshir”, a Greatest Artifact that became bonded to him after he discovered its resting place (within the hidden tomb of Genghis Khan) by accident. Since then, he's been traveling the world for over forty years, working as a consultant while slaying the supernatural where he finds it.

The depiction of Henry is none other than Bob Newhart, this particular picture coming from The Librarian TV movies (which are all Indiana Jones inspired, BtS-worthy TV shows that's worth watching if you ever get the chance.)

image of Svetlana Dementyeva

Svetlana “Sparks” Dementyeva

Submitted by Warren “Hibik” Davis, Svetlana ("Lana") is a 23-year-old American-Russian Fire walker, Musician & Part-Time Bartender.

As is commonplace for Fire Walkers, Lana is a passionate woman, especially when it comes to music, cars, motorcycles, and politics. When not involved in a paranormal investigation, she can be found trying to make it big in the music business, and hanging out with other paranormal enthusiasts.

Not sure where the image came from, most likely she's a “Suicide Girl” model (she has that "look" and it works well to Lana's description). She's a great first submission from Warren, and I look forward to more!

Image of Cassie Chadwick

Cassie Chadwick

Cassie Chadwick is a player character that's near and dear to my heart. Cassie came from the mind of one of my favorite players (Shannon), and she created Cassie using my “Lucky Psychic” P.C.C. from the Rifter #53.

After playing her for a few levels, Shannon wanted to try a different character, asking me to add Cassie to my list of available player characters. Model is unknown.

image of Beth Melrose

Elizabeth “Beth” Melrose

Submitted by Warren “Hibik” Davis, Elizabeth (“Beth”) Melrose is a 27-year-old Psychic Sensitive and Religious Scholar, specializing in esoteric, mystical and religious lore.

Early in life she planned to become a nun, but life had other ideas in mind for her. She's often consulted for both her academic expertise and her psychic powers.

She's a really interesting character, one that I wish I'd created myself. Nice work Hibik! Art / artist is unknown.

Image of Yegor Golovchenko

Yegor Golovchenko

This player character was commissioned by BTS fan and friend Scott Gastineau. Yegor is a 36-year-old Priest of Vice P.C.C. who's an evangelist and an agent of the Court of Tarot.

The Priest of Vice P.C.C. was written by Scott (who also wrote the incredibly good “Court of Tarot” article in the Rifter #45), and the write up is located over at fellow fan site Nexus Nine (link to P.C.C. details).

I had a lot of fun creating Yegor, I think he's one of the most complex and intriguing characters I've ever created. There are two character sheets for him, one which depicts him during a period of Vice, the other during a period of Virtue.

The two images on the character sheets are of Russian actor Vladimir Mashkov.

thumbnail of Zain Lomax

Zain Lomax

Zain Lomax is a 35-year-old Psychic Diviner and Bounty Hunter. Zain's spent most of his adult life as a warehouse laborer and public nuisance, hanging out with thieves, bikers and truckers for friends. He's only been a bounty hunter for about a year and has discovered the supernatural (and his Diviner abilites) within the last five months.

Zain was created for an online play-by-play game with my good pal and fellow BTS fan Scott Gastineau. Tthe image I used for Zain is Francis from Left 4 Dead.
NOTE: Zain's character has been updated as of 11/1/15.

Image of Mercades Kingsolver

Mercedes Lee Kingsolver &
Madison Jane Kingsolver

Mercedes & Madison Kingsolver are sisters and a team. Mercedes is an Autistic Psychic Savant Player Character and Madison is an Ordinary Human and her assistant during paranormal investigations.

Mercedes grew up in a loving household, and started to develop her Savant Psychic abilities around age ten. She now uses her talents as a Paranormal Investigator.

Image of Madison Kingsolver Madison is a paternal and caring person by nature. While she's proud of Mercedes and appreciates her using her talents to help others, she's not a paranormal enthusiast.

Both images came from the Rose Red TV movie.

Maren O'Conner

Maren Michelle O'Connell

Maren is a 25-year-old Psychic Diviner and Forest Ranger.

Maren was a favorite character of mine as Stephanie created and played her with lots of personality and details (her heterochromia eyes are an especially nice touch).

Maren even got me to finally write some details about Ghostwood National Forest as she works there (its existed in my game for years). I've added some notes about it in this PDF.
Avatar is Rose Leslie (her eye was Photoshopped in).

Steph, thank you for letting Maren stay at the House!

Beyond the Supernatural 3-D character portraits by Mike Leonard

Palladium Freelance artist and pal Mike "Madman" Leonard created several BTS character images for a con game at the Visioncon 2012 in Missouri. As I'm only 2-3 hours drive away from there, I wanted to attend, but it didn't work out (too much stuff happening at home that weekend). However, Mike graciously allowed me to post his images in the House. Thanx Madman!

I've also spoken to GM who created these characters, who said he'll send me the character sheets as time permits. I will post them below as I get them.

I also added in the Randolph Mansion (from the 1st edition BTS book adventure), the BTS Arcanist and Pink Cadillac as the gal would make a good BTS character image (and they evened out my rows of four). So click on the thumbnails to go to the full sized images on his deviantART page.

P.S.: Be sure to see Mike's other artworks as he's made plenty of other great 3-D portraits!

David Espinosa thumbnail Lori Hunt thumbnail Maggie Stirling Thumbnail Caprice Stillwell thumbnail Elaina DeYoung thumbnail Victor Woodruff thumbnail Juia Beerswell thumbnail Anthony Martin thumbnail Edwin Vora thumbnail BTS Arcanist thumbnail Pink Cadillac thumbnail Randolf Mansion thumbnail