“In the end, of course, we remain puppets and our smiles are still painted ones.
But now at least we have moistened them with our own blood.”

– Thomas Ligotti, “Professor Nobody's Little Lectures”


Due to a growing trend of using skills from other games like the Dead Reign RPG and The Rifter sourcebooks in my home game, I decided to put together a list of all the skills that I use and where to find them.
While I was at it, I ended up compiling a list of homemade skills that either I created or had found online.

Note that some of these skills are specific and if your not sure what they are or how they might be used, you may want to keep them out of your game.

Finally, if you have a home made skill that you use, send it to me and it may show up on this list! List is updated as of 7/7/13.

Click on the links below to download the PDF files.

Skill Lists that go “Beyond the Supernatural

Descriptions of Homemade Skill

Illustration by Nick BradshawThe Complete Palladium Skills Book

Jay Harris, a frequent guest here at the House,
was kind enough to send me a PDF of
The Complete Palladium Skills Book. Written by a mysterious being known as “Maddog”, it is what it claims to be, a complete list of skills from all the various Palladium titles up to the time it was written.

The PDF mentions a website which Jay explained is now long gone, but some of the good people of the Official Palladium Mailing List still have a copy. It's an impressive piece of work that contains a variety of skills from a variety of sources with some homemade skills peppered in for good measure.

It's a shame to see such good reference material without an online home to call its own, so I'm proud to announce that it can now be found here in the House of BtS!
P.S.: If your “Maddog” and happen to be reading this, send me a message via the contact page so I can give you proper credit.