Music: “EVP's” by New England Witch from “Nevermore: Sounds of the Paranormal” © 2007.
Used with special permission from Nevermore Paranormal Research and Investigations.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there... wondering, fearing, doubting
- Edgar Allen Poe, “The Raven”

The Webbed Cavern

Image of Spider Demon

This is the tangled mass of “webs” that I find useful for information, inspiration and artwork for
Beyond the Supernatural™
, Palladium Books™, and contemporary supernatural horror in general.

“Role-Playing Game” Related Sites:

Palladium Books™

This is the Palladium Books™ website, the company that designs, creates and publishes all of the paranormal, supernatural and magical elements that makes
Beyond the Supernatural™
a reality.

Forums of the Megaverse™

Join the forums for not only good conversation about
“Beyond the Supernatural”™, but for every Palladium Books I.P.

Lazlo Society - "Shining the light of truth on the darkness"

The Lazlo Society is an excellent resource for BTS. It provides a plot device for GM's in their games, such as planting clues, suggestions, ideas and ideas to launch a new adventure or to advance a stalled one. All of the content is written "in character" and allows both the GM and the players ideas and information to run with their own game. News reports, articles, eyewitness accounts, background info, data on a particular monster or cult or organization and more can all be found on this amazing site.

Kitsune's Palladium Page

First started in 1997, this website is one of the largest collections of independent Palladium game system material available on the internet. It has gone through several major updates since its creation. It is a non commercial and the author receives no profit for it. The website is usually updated multiple times in a year with new material added. Most importantly to House of BTS however is that there are several pages of Beyond the Supernatural™ related materials. There's other pages of note as well, such as their firearms section, which is pretty comprehensive and impressive in my opinion.

Nuke-Con Logo


The Nuke-Con gaming convention has been going strong for twenty-five years and has been heavily involved in my experiencing, learning and growing as a player, GM, and a game designer/writer.

If you can make it out to Omaha, Nebraska the first weekend in October, I encourage you to show up and have a blast with me. I will be running games, hosting panels, Q&A's, and doing my part as one of the special guests in attendance!

The majority of my con games are Beyond the Supernatural adventures, but I've also been known to run a RIFTS game, a Dead Reign game, or even a Nightbane game at the Nuke-Con.

“Flames Rising” Horror Webzine

Flames Rising is an online resource for fans of Horror and Dark Fantasy entertainment. This horror fanzine offers reviews of games, fiction, movies and more ranging from top-selling authors to the coolest small press and “indie” publishers. Coincidently, I'm one of the contributing reviewers on this site.

DriveThru Horror

The best in downloadable horror titles are available here! I happen to be a featured reviewer of both digital and audio books on this this. This site also happens to be a sister site to DriveThru RPG, where you can obtain Palladium Books products that are no longer in print, including Beyond the Supernatural™ titles.

Information and Inspiration Related Sites:

Cult of Weird - Museum of Oddities and Obscurities

“Cult of Weird” is an online museum of oddities and curiosities, exhibiting the strange and obscure from medical mishaps, anatomical atrocities, circus history and sideshow freaks, taxidermy, historical mysteries, bizarre inventions, antiques, offbeat art and more.

As your humble host, I encourage you check out the Cult of Weird. Its provided inspiration and information for several of my weekly game adventures over the years, and I suspect it will do the same for you!

Logo for Unexplained Mysteries

Pointed out to me by Cybermancer on the Palladium Forums, Unexplained Mysteries is a website that's about as close to being like the Lazlo Society (as portrayed in BTS2) as he's ever found on the internet. Just with much less active hunts, monsters and violence.

After a discussion with a friend he brought it to the forum's attention for anyone wanting to mine the site for ideas. I applaud Mr. C for doing so as it truly is a great resource for BTS. Articles, news, stories, forums, columns, an online encyclopedia, and even chat options are all all available on U.M.

Tabletop Audio - You need to be hear!

Tabletop Audio is a resource website that offers “Original, 10 minute ambiences and music for your tabletop role-playing games.”
Quite frankly, the quality of the music & ambiance is incredible!

Many of the horror related tracks (like Terror and Dark & Stormy) have been used in my weekly home game as well as other tracks (like Cathedral and Woodland Campsite). Tabletop Audio was intended to be a resource for RPG's, and its one of the best that I've come across yet! I encourage you to listen and use in your own games and well as support this site with donations as music & ambiance this good should be supported!

We secure. We contain. We protect.

Mankind in its present state has been around for a quarter of a million years, yet only the last 4,000 have been of any significance.

So, what did we do for nearly 250,000 years? We huddled in caves and around small fires, fearful of the things that we didn't understand. It was more than explaining why the sun came up, it was the mystery of enormous birds with heads of men, and rocks that came to life. So we called them 'gods' and 'demons,' and begged them to spare us and prayed for salvation.

In time, their numbers dwindled and our numbers rose. The world began to make more sense when there were less things to fear. Yet, the unexplained can never truly go away, as if the universe demands the absurd and impossible.

Mankind must not go back to hiding in fear. No one else will protect us, we must stand up for ourselves. While the rest of mankind dwell in the light, we must stand in the darkness to combat it, contain it, and shield it from the eyes of the public, so that others may live in a sane, normal world.

We secure. We contain. We protect.

The SCP Foundation is a entertainment website and a giant creative writing project by a community of writers. While its not a role-playing site, many of the articles and ideas in it are a gold mine of inspiration and game adventure ideas to consider.


"Occultopedia" offers a great internet index of the paranormal, occult and the inexplicable. I've gotten several great ideas for game adventures while researching occult information for other game adventures I was developing.

Secret Societies: a very short history

Presented by the "International Institute of Social History", this page provides history, insight and details on a variety of secret societies. I've used these details for creating secret societies in my game.

Logo of Nevermore Paranormal

Nevermore Paranormal

Back in '05, I was one of the founding members and general manager of Nevermore Paranormal, a group that specializes in investigating paranormal events and activities in Omaha, NE. and the surrounding areas. A lot of the research and ideas for paranormal related subjects I use in my games came from my days in Nevermore, and a few of its members great BTS players (Angie, one of the leads in the group, plays a Psychic Medium better than anyone I've seen).

While I retired a few years ago, I've stayed pals with most of the group and have kept abreast of their progress and their activities. The group has investigated some pretty cool places (see their website for details), and I wish them all continued success.

Edgar Allen Poe's “The Raven”

This is still one of my favorite pieces of literature, let alone one of the greatest poems I've ever read. Its a great piece to read for any reason, but its ability to set you in a darker mood for creating BTS adventures or running/playing in a BTS game is priceless.

Artists and Artwork:

Montella Daniele: Illustrator and Concept Artist

While designing the House of BTS logo, I knew I wanted a “Haunted House” background (to fit the house theme I was going for). So when I looked up artwork on Google, I came across this wallpaper titled, appropriately enough, “Haunted House” by Montella Daniele. I was instantly smitten with it and I searched out his website, finding all sorts of visual treasures worth looking at.

As I'm a firm believer in giving credit where its due, I've put up a link to his site for all to enjoy as I wouldn't have such a incredibly chilling and dark looking logo without his amazing artwork. I can't thank him enough for giving me the thumbs up using his artwork.

While you're here, check out Montella's excellent animation scene created using his Haunted House design.

John Zeleznik's BTS-2  illustration

The Art of John Zeleznik

John has been doing book covers for Palladium Books™ for over twenty years now, and I've always been a big fan of his work. I've purchased prints at the Palladium Open House (I framed the BTS cover and hung it next to my game table), and I own RIFTS- The Art of John Zeleznik, which sits on the coffee table in the Man Cave for all to see and enjoy.

So its no surprise that I just adore the Beyond the Supernatural™ 2nd edition book cover. The colors, the investigators, the glowing book in his hand; the whole vibe of the image is a potent one.
The monster is especially good in my book; the tentacles, the wings, the drool catching the light, the unique skin texture that resembles something between tree bark and beef jerky... I love it! I really hope this creature gets a description in the upcoming Tome Grotesque™ book.

John was kind enough to send a less washed out version of his cover for everyone to admire (thank you John!). Click on his artwork above to get the full sized image (which is big enough to be desktop wallpaper), and then click on the link to his site above to see more of his amazing work!

Poltergeists illustration by Mike Dubisch

The Art of Mike Dubisch

Mike's work has been spattered throughout the main BTS book, and I believe more of it will be in upcoming sourcebooks. Mike's work portrays the look and feel of BTS perfectly in my opinion, and its often how I imagine the creatures/monsters/spirits/etc in my head when I write BTS material or design an adventure.

I'm also the VERY proud owner of the Poltergeists illustration on page one of the main book (the image above). Its displayed over my writing desk for inspiration when writing.

Brandon C. Clark illuistration of Toilet Monster

Deviant Art page of Brandon C. Clark

Brandon has been illustrating for Palladium Books several years now, including several illustrations that showed up in the 2nd edition BTS book (several of which happen to be favorite pieces of mine).

I also want to point out that Brandon has become quite the haunting presence within the House of BTS...

Brandon and your gracious host have been plotting some some horrible things to take place within the House of BTS in the future,
so beware!

Brandon was also good enough to point out some of his unused (as of this posting) illustrations for Beyond the Supernatural™, and has even hand delivered a few unique illustrations exclusively for the House, such as the “Having some trouble with the plumbing” illustration to the right.

I suspect that his work is not so much unused as its waiting to be used in the upcoming Tomes Grotesque™ and Beyond Arcanum™ sourcebooks. Either way, you will see his work posted around the House if you search long enough; providing you manage to survive long enough to discover it all.

Scaring Crow Illustration

The Art of Kent Burles

Kent has always impressed me with his artwork. His illustrations are always scenic and atmospheric, always unique looking, and quite frankly its a style that's impossible to pin down. Its also virtually impossible to memorize, making each viewing feel like the first time again.

I've been a fan of his Palladium Books™ illustrations for years, and I was honored when he illustrated my Scaring Crow article (Rifter #44). I purchased that particular illustration from him a few years ago, and it hangs with pride in my office.

Coincidentally, I've got an extra dose of sentimentality with this piece as its something of a memento between me and my daughter Bobbi. The Scaring Crow was originally her idea, and as she talked to me about it, we kicked ideas back and forth on it, and by the time we were finished, the seeds of the article had been planted.

Lastly, Kent's Psychic Murderers and Serial Killers can be seen wandering the house during the Halloween season.

Illustration of Predator by Jeff RussellJeff Russell’s “Project X” illustrations

I don't recall how I found his site, but I do recall that several of the creatures on this page are amongst the menagerie that will be found in the Tombs Grotesque™sourcebooks (I know this as Kevin pointed them out to me during a visit to one of the Open House events).
The following illustrations pointed out to me:
-Transdimensional Parasite I
-Transdimensional Parasite II
-Transdimensional Predator II
-Transdimensional Predator V

Personally, I'd crap my pants if I ever came face to face with the predator above! Jeff's work also appears in other Palladium titles, such as Hades, Madhaven, and The Rifter sourcebooks.

Deviant Art Page of James Carl McKnight

James Carl McKnight has only recently begun his descent into the dark and terrifying world that is Beyond the Supernatural™. In fact, it was his budding curiosity about BTS that led him on a quest in finding more materials relating to it, which led him down the unfortunate path of wandering inside my House. The poor man hasn't been the same since (which happens a lot around here).

However, his venture into the unknown hasn't been all bad. James happens to be a budding artist and has illustrated some really nice works of art to display in the House, such as The Hollow Light above.

Joe in the Basement illustration by Fredd GorhamDeviant Art page of Fredd Gorham

Fredd has been a part of my role playing game life since I first started playing over twenty years ago!

He's illustrated heroes, villains, NPC's, characters, monsters and even more monsters for my various games over the years (Heroes Unlimited, RIFTS, BTS, Nightbane, and others). He's also been an essential part of the Nuke-Con as far back as I've been attending them. He's designed a LOT of their logo work and has been created their advertising artwork since the beginning (including the
logo ).

On a side note, it was a great honor for me to be given special guest status at the Nuke-Con in 2012 (and again in 2015), but the extra pizzazz came with my sitting next door to Fredd during the con! He's a good guy, and a talented guy. Check his stuff out!

image of the scurrry talus

Deviant Art Page of Brian Manning

Brian's been a Palladium Books™ artist for several years now, where I think he got his start by providing artwork for various articles in the Rifter (which includes my Scurry Scree and Scurry Talus articles in the Rifter #46). Since then he's gone on to produce some really impressive work in Robotech, RIFTS, Chaos Earth, and more.

I've had the privilege to hang out with him a few times at a few Palladium Books Open House events over the years, and I've found him to be a really cool guy (as well as his brother Allen).

He's got a great sense of humor, he's a trip to hang out with, and I think we've yet to see his best work!

Image by Darren RocheDeviant Art page of Darren Roche

I discovered artist Darren Roche quite by accident one day as was wondering through deviant art, specifically looking up Beyond the Supernatural related artwork.

Needless to say I was ecstatic that not only did Darren create BTS specific artwork, but several comic scenes depicting of a group of paranormal investigators dealing with supernatural terrors!

The image to the right is a highlight moment of a Physical Psychic ripping a creature to pieces while the rest of the group combats other supernatural creatures. Look at his deviant page to see all the comic pages.

Darren was also kind enough to give me permission to display his BTS related work, so be sure to check it all out.

Illustration of weeping womanDeviant Art page of Mike Mumah

Mike Mumah is an enigma, wrapped up inside a mystery. Personally I think he's more than a little on the crazy side, but I still dig him lots, having spent plenty of time with him at a couple of the Palladium Books Open House events.

He also has the distinction of handing me the worst beat down I've ever had in the Last Night On Earth board game. His zombies ate well that last night.

He's also one of my favorite Palladium Books artists, and has illustrated at least a couple of BTS related illustrations for The Rifter (and I suspect he'll be involved in future Beyond the Supernatural sourcebooks).

He also created the banners for the various Palladium Books™ titles that are floating around the House. Do check out his excellent work!

3-D house illustration by Mike LeonardDeviant Art page of Mike “Madman” Leonard

Madman Mike Leonard is an all around good guy (I know this having hung out together and hosted a panel or two at the 2012 Open House) and a 3-Dimension image artist. He's created quite a bit of BTS related artwork (along with other titled for Palladium Books) and was also gracious enough to let me post all of his Beyond the Supernatural related 3-D artwork inside the House (see the NPC page to spot them).

image of Lucky Psychic

Deviant Art page of Joseph Lawn

Joseph Lawn also has some BTS related materials in his Deviant portfolio, including a couple from my Lucky Psychic article which appeared in the Rifter #53.

I had the opportunity to meet Joseph at the 2012 Palladium Open House where he graciously sold me the illustration on page 17 of the above mentioned article (image on the left). It hangs in my office with pride.

He's a good guy and I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future!

Illustration by Frank ChavezDeviant Art page of Frank Chavez

Frank Chavez is a growing artist who's work has shown up in the Rifter 0.1 and on various contest projects over at the Beyond the Supernatural™ forums page.

He's also forever embedded within the walls of the House of BTS,
quite literally; I can hear him screaming from here.

Frank has contributed several of his works of art to be muses for a couple of supernatural creatures that I've since created and are now lurking the hallways of the House exclusively, such as the Orgathu and the Seelensammler (the creature on the right).

Thank you for your artwork thus far Frank, I cant wait to see what you create next (provided you ever get out from behind that wall).

Illustration of the Chupacabra from thecolor.comCryptids Online Coloring Pages

Discovered by BTS fan and frequent house guest Scott Gastineau, the Cryptid Online offers an assortment of illustration that will provide your little Cryptozoologist with hours of coloring delight! To the left is the Chupababra, one of many of the cryptids hanging out over there.

Cover to The Devil's Corner comic bookThe Devil's Corner

“Taking the world by storm... is what actual storms do. We just want to tell stories. We love comics and we'll make them till we die. We've got a lot of things going on, including novels for adults and kids, short stories, screenplays, and TV pilots.  Something's gotta hit, right?”

From the humble city of Escondido, James and Craig are two BTS fans who unfortunately found
the House one afternoon while looking for BTS material. Neither have been the same since.
But their misfortune has been the Host's gain as we've been chatting and discussing various BTS related subjects. They also plan to drop off a BTS monster or three in the future. Beware them.

When they say they're “Bringing you comic books, novels, and other entertainment in the realm of the supernatural”, they mean it. Check out the preview of their upcoming
Devil's Corner comic book. Its got all the earmarks of a good BTS worthy tale and I look forward to the full issue.

Tabletop Audio - You need to be Hear!