Music: “Twilight” by MidnightSyndicate from “Monsters of Legend” © 2013. Used with permission.

That house is not fit to live in. No one's been able to live in it. It doesn't want people.
– Minnie Huxley, The Changeling

Guest Services

Illustration by Brandon C. ClarkHello and welcome my esteemed guest!

As your Host, its my pleasure to offer you a variety of first class services. Including:

Fine Dining: We use only the finest ingredients, staff, servers, and guests in all our meals.

Luxurious Guest Rooms: I demand nothing less than the beast for all my guests!

Hiking Trails: In need of an adventure?
Then visit our Adventure Ideas Page, located along a hiking trail that takes you though the dark woods behind the House. If you get lost in there, please don't panic; something will eventually find you.

The Study: In need of some inspiration for your BtS game? Then I encourage you to visit our BtS Inspiration Page in the study.

Feel like Investigating?: We also offer a variety of Web Links Worth Investigating that should of interest to you in our Solarium. And by webs, we do mean spiders, so be sure to get 'tangled' up in conversation with them. They're very social and invite everyone to step into their parlor.

A Spacious Swimming Pool: Never mind the creatures swimming below you. We have to keep our complimentary sharks and tentacled monstrocities somewhere don't we?

Need a few good tips on going beyond the supernatural? We've got you covered with RPG Tips for players and game masters alike (including 'Dealing with Failed Investigation Rolls' and 'Slogging Through the Sewers).

Finally, feel free to observe the list of House Rules your Host uses in his home games.

Thank you for being a guest at the House of BtS, where “costing you an arm and a leg” means something very different and much more frightening.