“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls.
The most massive characters are seared with scars.”

– Khalil Gibran

Non-Player Characters

This page is dedicated to Non-Player Characters, which are characters used by the
Game Master (such as the villains and the supporting characters in the game).
These have been submitted by the Host as well as various house guests.

Image of Kyna Brennan

Kyna Brennan

Kyna is an NPC from Ben Barton's home game, submitted to the House for other GM's to make use of.

Kyna is a Sorceress from the Nightbane RPG, who became involved in the arcane arts after discovering a book of spells her great aunt kept hidden away until her death. Kyna is now cautiously trying to learn spells from the book while learning more about the arcane world in general.

This path has led her to becoming a member of the Lazlo Society, hoping to find other magic users.

Image is Ukrainian singer Mika Newton.

Image of common thug

Common Thug

I've had a Common Thug character sheet stashed in my NPC folder for years now and I finally got around to converting it into a PDF and adding it to the House.

These are quick & dirty stats of hired muscle and goons for the GM when needed. I don't recall where the images used came from, but I suspect a video game.

Image of Dr. Edmond Smythe

Dr. Edmond Smythe

Dr. Smythe is an important NPC in both my home & con games; I include him as an NPC when no one's playing a Parapsychologist.

Edmond is a retired Psychologist & part-time Docere at the Seattle Museum of History. His involvement with the supernatural began over forty years ago while working with several patients who'd been traumatized by the supernatural.

Dr. Smythe is an ideal NPC as he's full of knowledge and advice, but isn't able to get into the foreground due to his bad knees (walks with a cane) and requiring a pace maker (supernatural-related injury). He's usually available via radio contact during the dangerous portions of a paranormal investigation, but he's reluctant to get involved directly (unless it's a dire situation).

Illustration by the amazingly talented Brandon C. Clark who really captured Edmond's look & vibe.

Illustration of Catherine Smythe by Brandon C. Clark

Catherine Smythe

Catherine is a 52-year-old Ordinary Human and Retired Nurse Part-Time Physical Therapist. Catherine is also Edmond's wife, and has been there for him and the investigators of the Lazlo Society / Agency in a supportive role for over thirty years.

Catherine met Edmond met incidentally over thirty years ago when she was nearly the victim of a ritual killing. Edmond first consoled her as a Psychologist/Parapsychologist, then as a friend, and before they realized it, their relationship became personal. Before they knew it; they were in love and have been virtually inseparable since.

I think Catherine is one of the best NPC's I've ever written, and Brandon C. Clark's illustration portrays her very well. Her youthful looks, her personable and caring nature, and especially her bright eyes are all important aspects of her character, making her a unique and interesting NPC all around.

Image of Lisa McGloiry

Lisa McGloiry

Lisa McGloiry is a Forensic Scientist/Ordinary Human who works with one of the player characters (Simon) in my current home game.

The player does a great job with playing Simon as a very shy, quiet, stuttering type... especially around women. So naturally, Lisa was designed to have some fun with this, and over time perhaps help him out of his shell as she's a witty, outgoing, talkative type.

I haven't considered a romance angle or anything like that, but the possibility is there. She's also not aware of the supernatural at this point. Image origin is unknown.

Image of Zenna Zach

Jenna Zach

Jenna was a friend of a past Player character (Frankie). Jenna was designed to be someone that Frankie could go out dancing and have fun or unwind over wine with, and was basically her “normal/non-psychic friend”.

As the game went on, Jenna was eventually kidnapped by a supernatural fiend, and Frankie & the group came to her rescue.

At the time of creating the character sheet Jenna is just starting to learn about the world of the supernatural, and is becoming a closer friend to Frankie.

Image was scanned from a Tattoo magazine that I happened upon years ago.

Illustration of Mercy Baitis

"Madame Mercy" Baitis

Mercy is a (Cursed) Ordinary Human P.C.C. who works as a Fortune Teller and a “Psychic Consultant” for the police, detective agencies, private individuals and businesses.

Mercy took up Fortune Telling in the trailer park mall she lives in with her mom and younger sister to help supplement their income when her mom became sick. In the last year or so she began having genuine divinations, however the rub is that all of her divinations come in the form of horrific visions and hallucinations.

Her divinations are invaluable to any group as she warns them of incoming dangers and doom. However, she's also a liability in that her visions are tormenting and hard on her.

The illustration by Brandon C. Clark portrays her suffering a horrific divination while something devious and demonic watches on from behind her (the demon who inflicted the curse upon her).

Illustration of Matika Juneau by Brandon C. Clark

Matika "The Messenger" Juneau

Matika is a Ghost Hunter (Night Hunter) P.C.C. and Native American whose psychic abilities were recognized early by her tribal Council who trained her for years to become a proficient hunter.

While she’s as capable of dealing with the Supernatural as any Night Hunter, her training included her tribe’s more merciless methods of hunting and combating witchery.

Witches are common evils in most Native American lore’s, and it’s no exception with Matika’s tribe. Her tribe has a secretive past of hunting and combating witchery and Matika upholds that tradition, but does so in her own rebellious and far more public way; much to the chagrin of her tribal council.

I commissioned Brandon C. Clark to illustrate Matika, and he delivered with gusto!

Image of Hiemdall Erickson

Heimdall Erickson

Heimdall was added on a dare, and I’m concerned that my players might read and ruin some of the spoilers I have planned in the future. So this is a warning to my players: DO NOT CLICK ON THE IMAGE OR READ ANY FURTHER!

Heimdall is a Latent Psychic and Carpenter/Construction worker who claims to be a demigod, specifically a son of Odin, ruler of Asgard (of Norse Mythology). He shows up and helps the group at random times, claiming that Odin communicates with him via dreams, guiding him in hunting the supernatural. He's also seen talking to crows on occasion.

Note: I'll update as Heimdall evolves, and maybe provide more details on the Devil Ghost, its familiars and the Psi-Mechanic once I've fleshed them out. Also note that when I found the illustration online, I had no idea that it was from the Scion RPG by White Wolf.
Illustration by Michael Komarck (I own a print).