“I want your permission to do what I think is good this night.
It is, I know, much to ask; and when you know what it is I propose to do you will know; and only then, how much.”

– Van Helsing to Godalming, Morris, and Seward, Dracula

Character & Creature Commissions

I began taking character commissions a few years ago after getting several requests for them from various house guests. That being said, I didn't really advertise beyond this page and I posted a note about it on the Face Book page once (I think), but I really haven't made a lot of noise about it.

However, to help pay for the growing costs of this fan site I'm revamping my character commissions, and adding in the option of commissioning creatures and I'm bringing in resident Artist and House Architect Brandon C. Clark with me.

Illustration of Rajesh For those of you who don’t know, several of the illustrations in the main BTS book are Brandon’s. He's got a wonderfully grotesque talent for illustrating and capturing the modern day horror vibe. Coincidentally a lot of his artwork has been spattered all over the walls of the House. I consider him to be both the resident artist and interior decorator of the House. I also consider him a friend.

As for the Host, more than a dozen of my Beyond the Supernatural related articles have been published in the Rifter over the last several years, and Kevin S. made it public at the last open house that I will be writing the next couple of BTS sourcebooks with him.

Between the two of us, we are a veritable force that goes beyond the supernatural, and as a way of bringing in funds to help keep the House of BTS going, Brandon and I have decided to offer our services in the form of character and monster commissions!

For a fee and a description of your character, you'll get:
-A fully fleshed out Player Character (or Non-Player Character if desired), designed with the same quality I put into all of my characters along with an illustration from artist extraordinaire Brandon C. Clark.

-I'll build your character to the specifications needed for your game (P.C.C. type, occupation, name, contacts, specific attributes, psychic abilities, weapons, level of experience, etc.) and I'll insert or add Brandon's illustration to the sheet once finished.

-I'll design your character by the canon rules of the BTS game or by whatever house rules your game may use. I always strive to make every character feel different and unique in their own way and I'll do the same for yours.

-You'll get a copy of the character sheet via the same excel file I use for building my own characters (allowing you to update the character as he/she goes up in levels) as well as a PDF copy.

-If you need help or advice in updating your character as he/she advances, I'll be happy to assist you.

-If you need a particular type of monster or creature crafted for your game, we can provide that as well. Send us the details of what your creatures needs to have or do for your upcoming adventure or game idea and we'll design / illustrate it for you. It will get the same care and attention to detail I put into all my creations. The Host has plenty of experience in creating monsters / creatures and uses the familiar format used in the main BTS book.

And you can get all of this for only $50.00 per character or creature created to be exclusively yours forever, or with your permission I'll add your character to the House, further supporting the site!

My commissions thus far have been pretty sweet and some were commissioned for use with the pregenerated characters and NPC's available on this site. If your using my pregens/NPC's as part of your main cast, commissioned characters would be great for filling out whatever gaps your cast of characters are missing.

If you're interested, please send me a message via the Contact Page to get started.

Note: We're not getting rich off of these commissions by any means. The fee will be used to cover art costs and the costs of running an advertisement-free fan site.