Music: “Mausoleum d´ Haverghast” by MidnightSyndicate from “The 13th Hour” © 2005. Used with permission.

“Wanna see something really scary?” -Dan Aykroyd as The Hitchhiker
in Twilight Zone: The Movie

The Host

"A pic of the uber studly Steven Dawes"

In the beginning was Steven, and Steven was with the Dawes, and Steven was a Dawes. The first word he ever spoke was "Quote," and he expects the last word he'll speak before he dies will be "Unquote." Excerpts from his life quotations include the following;

"Like a lot of gamers, I cut my teeth on the "Dungeons and Dragons" RPG. As a fan of illustrations and comic books, I eventually got involved in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG and fell for it right away. After playing a few sessions, I decided to purchase my own copy, making it the first RPG book I would own. While at the hobby store however, as I pulled a copy of the book off the shelf, I spotted a copy of the Beyond the Supernatural RPG behind it. As a fan of horror, I recognized Richard Corben's artwork on the cover and was intrigued. While perusing, the idea of a "Supernatural Horror" themed RPG sparked a wildfire in my imagination. I purchased both books that day.

Since then, I've played and GM'd many other titles from Palladium, including Ninjas & Superspies, Heroes Unlimited, Nightbane, Mechanoids, Dead Reign and Rifts. But regardless of which system I've run, all of my games have at least a hint of supernatural horror in them somewhere. Since its release in 2005, I've exclusively run the 2nd edition Beyond the Supernatural RPG.

My past freelance work includes regularly blogging and writing reviews for various newsletters and websites while my history with Palladium Books (so far) includes several Rifter articles (one of which was canonized in a Dead Reign sourcebook). My future projects planned for Palladium Books includes both a "victims" and "ghost hunting/ ghost story" sourcebook and others for Beyond the Supernatural as well as material for Dead Reign and Nightbane.

When I'm not writing, I can currently be found in school while I earn my web designer degree or at home taking care of my wife, my daughter and two zany beagles. Other hobbies of mine include reading, board games, video games, soundtrack collecting, karaoke, writing reviews, blogging, ghost hunting and being a horror and paranormal enthusiast."

Another way to get to know me a little better would be to check out my video interview taken during Open House 2012 with the “From the Rifts” crew. Watch and enjoy!