Music: “Unexpected Cargo” by MidnightSyndicate from “Monsters of Legend” © 2013. Used with permission.

“It was already one in the morning; the rain pattered dismally against the panes, and my candle was nearly burnt out, when, by the glimmer of the half-extinguished light,
I saw the dull yellow eye of the creature open.”

-Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

The Lab

What's this? A curious guest? How delightful!

Come, follow me... the basement steps are right over here.

Stay close to the light however, things dwell in the darkness here,
just waiting for opportune moments like this.

And mind the steps, they can be treacherously slick with drool... and gore.

Now, just let me find the switch... YOW! Oops, heh hee... wrong one. Ahh, here it is!

Welcome to the Basement Laboratory!

Lab illustration by Kevin Long

This is where those with a certain... festering and fertile imagination comes to build and bring their many Beyond the Supernatural creations to life!

Now that you're here, why not take a look inside all the various holding tanks, pens, iron maidens, or sift through the various research papers and experiments? You might find something you like... or something that would like you... maybe even for dinner.

First off, we have the Player Character Page, where you will find a variety of characters of every class, creed and ilk. All have been submitted by either The Host or one of our many house guests.

Hmm, yes... I also detect a coppery smell in the air, but never mind that...

We also have the Supernatural Page, where a variety of creatures, entities, monsters, and other horrors can be found lurking exclusively within the House of BTS.

Hmm? Oh, don't be alarmed. I assure you, that poor fellow has been shackled to the wall for your safety, as well as his own...

Over here is our mechanical shop, where a variety of Special Equipment, Special Weapons, and even Skills are all at your disposal! And of course all the equipment and materials you see here were designed by The Host and a variety of house guests.
Coincidentally, some of our house guests really get into these items. Bones, hair, skin, organs, we waste nothing here in the lab.

I beg your pardon? No, I can assure you that no one's screaming behind that wall.
The sounds down here does play tricks on one's ears. Oh wait... I stand mistaken, there must be someone back there. But don't fret, whoever it is should run out of air to scream with momentarily. Now, where were we...

Oh yes, over there on that drafting board you'll find the blueprints for the mysterious Blackmoor Manor, which was designed by frequent guest and contributor Jeff Duncan. Think of it as an unlabeled map to design, label, and make use of in your BTS games!

You'll also find the missing Court of the Tarot errata files on that desk over there, submitted by Scott Zaboem. This file contains all the materials that were cut from the Court of the Tarot article in the Rifter #45 due to space. This errata includes a new occupation, new rules for funding and bribery, four new classes including a ghost which is available as a player character class (with game master approval of course), six new psi-devices, two new spells, monsters, several non-player characters and more information on the Saint Augustine setting.

While you're over there, why not get a PDF copy of the BTS Character Sheet that I've touched up a bit (its the one I use for the characters mentioned above).

What's that? Hmm... I'm not sure if it's real blood on that chain saw... but that pile of limbs next to it probably are, so you never can quite tell can you?

Note: If you'd like to submit your own creations to the House, you can reach me via the Contact page for details.