“I want your permission to do what I think is good this night.
It is, I know, much to ask; and when you know what it is I propose to do you will know; and only then, how much.”

– Van Helsing to Godalming, Morris, and Seward, Dracula


Beyond the Supernatual™ is a game of subtly and intelligence, suspense and secrets. Though most characters possess unique abilites or special gifts, their real stength or power comes from knowledge, and the willingness to look beyond the veil of normalcy and accpt what may seem impossible.

The player characters are heroes, but they arent superheroes. They can't perform outrageous feats of magic or psionics at the drop of a hat, nor do they posess super abilites. Most start out with ordinary lives until their “gifts” manifest themselves of they have a brush with the supernatural that opens their eyes.

They must learn all the nuances and subtleties of their abilites - and work in secret. The world is not ready to accept what these characters know as the truth, and the characters must accept this.”

- Beyond the Supernatural (Second Edition), page 129

When I design characters for my home games (and gaming conventions) I follow the above statement as close as I can. I love the world of BTS and I do my best to make it easy for any player to pick up one of my character sheets and jump into that world with both feet.

If you look around long enough in the House of BtS, you'll find characters of every type and class (even a few hidden ones for the fun of it), including:
- Pregenerated Player Characters
- Player Characters
- Non-Player Characters