“It is generally a good idea to have a variety of tools (and people) at your disposal.
I have found that my own investigative methods tend to lean towards the scientific. Although I have on occasion picked up on psychic impressions, I like having detailed data. A photograph of a ghost cannot be denied, once other possible causes for the image have been eliminated, of course.”

-Richard Southall, How to be a Ghost Hunter

Special Equipment

This page is dedicated to special and/or unique equipment for use in your BTS campaign.

image of ghost hunting kit

Standard Ghost Hunting Equipment

This is paperwork that I hand out to players that attend my Ghost Story themed convention games.

While there's nothing unique about these items per se, the images and descriptions help the players get into character and offers them a method of paranormal investigating via these tools. EVP's, orb photography, cold spots, and other signs of paranormal activity can be discovered by using these tools.

Air Ion Counter image

Air Ion Counter
“Spirit Detector”

“The Air Ion Counter (A.I.C.) is a handheld device that’s designed to measure ion density. The counter is used in a number of scientific fields and specifically measures the number of ions (both positive and negative) per cubic centimeter or the average in a given area.

In Paranormal investigation and research the device is used as a gauge which can measure paranormal activity and sometimes the direct (though unseen) presence of a ghost or entity.

This neat little toy comes from first time contributor Jeff Duncan. It can be thought of as an additional item to add to a paranormal investigators arsenal, and can add tension and intrigue in a given investigation.

image of prototype forensic tools page

Prototype Crime Scene &
Forensic tools

These tools were designed to be used in place of fragile and expensive state-of-the-art forensic/scientific analytical equipment while potentially replacing the need of having a crime scene / forensic specialist (or an entire team of specialists) on location.

All of these tools are on loan from Obsidian Labs (a private research company) and are considered to be experimental at this time. While not designed for paranormal research, the R&D department is curious about how useful they are in the paranormal field.

My pregen Parapsychologists always have this equipment in their character sheets and they're always available to the player group in the van in my home games when they want or need them.

Note:These were inspired by the Condemned: Criminal Origins video game (which is where the images came from).

Goatskin Lamp shades image

The Sabatina Lampshades

In the early 1970’s, anyone actively practicing occultism had heard the name “Sabatina Achille”. Sabatina was a Haitian vodouist who was said to regularly make contact with an ancient African god.

She also raised goats and prepared goatskin hides for living, some of which were used to make lampshades. It was discovered years later that these “Sabatina Lampshades” are empowered with certain abilities.