“I beheld the wretch - the miserable monster whom I had created”
– Mary Shelly, Frankenstein

The Supernatural

This section is dedicated to the creatures, monsters, entities, predators, demons and other things that go bump in the night exclusively in the House of BTS!

The Orgathu by Francisco Chavez

The Orgathu

The Orgathu is a creature of malice and evil. It is summoned by fools to do their evil works on this plane. Murder is the Orgathu's art, and it does it very well.

However, most of those who seek to use this vile creature as a weapon never fully understands that the Orgathu likes what it does, and once its here... it wants to stay. Forever.”

Artist Frank Chavez illustrated the Orgathu and had written the details stated above to describe it on his deviant art page.

I liked the look and idea so much that with Frank's blessing, The Orgathu became my 1st supernatural creature created exclusively for the House of BTS!

Image of the Hollow Light

The Hollow Light

Submitted by BTS fan Anthony Uyl, The Hollow Light is an incorporeal, opportunistic energy leecher. And when I say energy, I mean I.S.P., P.P.E., and “Life Force” (Hit Points).

Illustration by James Carl McKnight, who I think did an excellent job in depicting the horrific and spectral look of this entity.

The Ghoulkin by Brandon C. Clark

The Ghoulkin

“The staff has just notified your host that in-human, dangerous looking beings have been lurking in the woods that surrounds the House of BTS. This probably explains why all my landscapers and gardeners (along with all their tools) keep going missing.”

Written by Anthony Uyl & outstandingly illustrated by Brandon C. Clark, The Ghoulkin are savage, tribal-like, inhuman beings that live in the forests, mountainous regions and other isolated places of the modern world.

They all share a taste for human flesh, a general fear of technology, and a talent for stealing “food” and supplies from small towns and communities while evading local law enforcement and various hunting parties.

Illustration of the Shadow Hunter by Brandon C. Clark

The Shadow Hunter

Submitted by Anthony Uyl and illustrated by Brandon C. Clark, The Shadow Hunter is an intelligent and cunning supernatural psychic predator and lesser demon that feeds on our deepest, darkest fears, forcing their victims to experience their fears like vivid hallucinations.

The aftermath of experiencing these visions runs the risk of suffering a variety of mental anguishes, and temporary, or even permanent insanity!

These beings are also part of a potentially larger invasion force, and could be used as part of a “Shadow Men” or “Men in Black” urban myth adventure! Brandon's fantastic Illustration really brings out a level of emotional depth not seen a lot in BTS style visuals. Fantastic work Brandon!

Image of Dune Cat by James KcKnight

The Dune Cat

The Dune Cat is a desert dwelling supernatural feline creature that's fiercely territorial, attacking intruder with a pack mentality and group tactics. By day it resembles a panther, but night its much more terrifying, and dangerous, to behold! Its also intelligent, evolving over the ages and refining its way of life to be a better survivor. They've even created their own language!

Illustration is by James Carl McKnight, who's use of color along (the contrast of the black Dune Cat and the fire against the silver moon landscape impresses me) with the design of the Dune Cat itself is nothing but stellar! I hope to see lots more of Mr. McKnight's work in the future!

Image of the Seelensammler

Der Seelensammler

This creature was brought to life by a pair of team players. The first was Frank Chavez, who gave me permission to use his artwork, “The Harvester of Souls”.

The other was BTS fanatic and all around great guy “Hendrik”, who helped me with the German translations as well as offering me sage like advice and ideas to help flesh it out.

The Seelensammler is something of a bogeyman in German folklore that seemingly goes back as far as recorded history. Children were often warned to never be out in the woods after dark, or the Seelensammler will come for them and “steal their breath away”.Interestingly, no one outside of Germany and students of German folklore had ever heard of the Seelensammler until WWII.”

Image of the Echid-Urkt-Kha by Mike Dubisch


This monstrosity came from asking artist Mike Dubisch to let me use his art in the House. Well, not only did he give me permission to use it, he sold me the original art for little much more than shipping! He's a great guy all around, and I'm proud to display his work as much as I am to call him a friend. Thanks Mike!

A thank you shout also goes out to Scott Gastineau (Lord Z), who's always good about editing my scribes and offering his insights.

The Echid-Urkt-Kha is my first attempt at creating a Greater Demon, who possesses a variety of talents, like psychic abilities, magic knowledge, inflicting mind attacks, and creating mummies from dead bodies or zombie slaves from the living!

Illustration of Daemon Mobilis by Freddie Lopez

The Daemon Mobilis

This street demon was inspired by my newest house guest and artist Freddy Lopez.

The Daemon Mobilis is a kind of spirit or entity that possesses vehicles as its method of luring and feeding on the life energy of its victims. It prefers (perhaps even requires) that the vehicle’s body style must be fully enclosed to trap and contain its victim while it feeds.

I stumbled upon Freddy's illustration on an artist group on Facebook and was instantly smitten with it. So, with Freddy's permission I'm proud to announce that the Daemon Mobilis is now available for guests looking to go joyriding during their stay at the House!

The Candle Specter by Kent Burles

The Candle Specter

“…I lay sprawled in the alleyway, sunk in a drunken stupor, barely conscious, when I became aware of a figure slowly moving, almost gliding towards me. The figure moved closer, ever closer, and then bent down to place a candle it had been cradling in its hands, at my feet. The very appearance and demeanor of the figure filled me with horror, even as it began to move away from me, and I staggered upward determined, at the very least, to sweep away the cursed candle at my feet. But my hands, so bent on the destruction of the candle, suddenly were powerless, and fell to my side. And now the candle gutters fitfully at my feet, and I await the return of the specter, and the fate it intends for me ...”

The Candle Specter is a new and chilling collaboration between the Host and Palladium Books artist extraordinaire Kent Burles. This is one of Kent's "sketch of the day" illustrations that I was instantly smitten with.

Kent has graciously given the Candle Specter permission to roam free in the House of BTS to hunt all the victims it can!

Ghost Wood Illustration by Kent Burles

The Wood Ghost

To me it looked like a poorly carved, rather ridiculous attempt to manufacture a “scary”. Many of the other wood sculptures the natives had shown me were masterpieces of design and craft, but this was lacking in finish, artless in execution, and laughable in its realization. Were they having me on? Were they laughing at the foolish outsider, and his foolish concerns?

But they saw the skepticism in my eyes and swore it was real, swore that the spirit of a living man had been embedded in the trunk of a growing tree. I didn't bother to ask why this had happened. I didn't want to encourage them, and I turned away from it, working as hard as I could to maintain my dignity and my superiority.

But I had looked into the dead eyes of the thing, and I did not doubt, and only fear moved within me ...

Based on an illustration by Kent Burles, The Wood Ghost is a tool and prop for GM's to make use of as they see fit.