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"Horror, on the other hand, is fascinated dread in the presence of an immaterial cause. The frights of nightmare cannot be dissipated by a round of buckshot; to flee them is to run into them at every turn."
- Sigmund Freud, "The Uncanny"

Horror Role-Playing Game Tips

Body of Revulsion by Brandon C. ClarkIt's been my experience that Horror role-playing games are more involving, requires more practice, and is harder to get immersed into than any other RPG genre. The payoff (in my opinion) is that it's also the most fun, the most intense and the most exciting genre to role-play or G.M. Horror, and being scared in general, is just plain fun!

Successful Horror role-playing takes thought and effort; not only to create the horror atmosphere, but to continually recreate it as well. As opposed to other RPG genres (like Fantasy or Science Fiction), Horror is just as much about intent as it is about content.

So to help both GM's & players , I created this page to offer stories, anecdotes, thoughts, tips and advice that have all worked in my horror games (Beyond the Supernatural or otherwise), or that I've seen done while playing in or observing other horror GM's.

What makes a good Beyond the Supernatural Game Master?

  • This page will be an ongoing series of pieces of advice concerning attributes that make up a good Game Master, at least in my humble opinion

What makes a good Beyond the Supernatural Game Player?

  • This is for the people on the other end of table, the players working with the Game Master. And like the GM, there is plenty of advice concerning attributes that makes players not only better gamers, but makes their gaming experience that much more fun and entertaining.

When investigative skill rolls fail

  • One of the sections I've written for the upcoming BtS "Victims Sourcebook" deals with failing investigation / perception rolls and what to do about them as they can completely grind the investigative aspect of a game to a screeching halt. While this is NOT a reprint of what I've written (this is very abridged and off the cuff), I still think its worth saying a few words about this dilemma in the tips section.

Slogging Through the Sewers

  • I’m a big fan of using sewers, storm drains, steam tunnels and utility / maintenance tunnels in my BtS games.
    Sewers provide an expansive, treacherous labyrinth-like horror haven worthy of the dungeon crawling experience it conjures up. Players on the other hand should find the prospect exciting, but terrifying!
    While Palladium has published info on sewers in the Boxed Nightmares sourcebook for BtS, and the
    Dead Reign: Dark Places sourcebook, this PDF also offers plenty of tips on making sewers scary!

Sewer illustration