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“It's just a book. No harm ever came from reading a book.”
- Evelyn 'Evy' Carnahan, The Mummy

Rifter sourcebooks available for purchase from Palladium Books:

Rifter #36 The Rifter™ #36

- The Dark Brotherhood: A big honking and scary adventure by Ed Emmer.

- The Hoarse Whisperer: An insidious new monster to haunt your nights. According to Wayne Smith, it is awful and nasty, which means you'll love it! (Shameless plug: This is one of my articles.)

- Another weird creature from Michigan myth, the
Nain Rouge (aka the Red Dwarf), a bizarre, evil imp whose appearance always heralds disaster.

Shameless advertising: I've got a signed copy or two of this book available for purchase. If interested, send me an e-mail for further details.

Rifter #39 The Rifter™ #39: Swimsuit Issue

- La Llorona ("The Weeping Woman"): A Haunting Entity with a penchant for drowning children and luring young men to their deaths.

- La Mort Venus: A beautiful seductress whose beauty belies a demonic nature and cruel heart. She delights in the seduction, misfortune and destruction of men.

Rifter #36 The Rifter™ #40

- The Devil Muse: A nightmarish creature that will make your skin crawl. This isn't one of my Articles, but I wish it was as its one of my favorites. This one is also a favorite amongst my gaming group.

Rifter #44 The Rifter™ #44

- The Scaring Crow: This one is one of my articles, and its based on an original idea my daughter Bobbi had. Its a frightening, new demonic fiend that thrives on fear. It is not what you think it is.

Shameless advertising: I've still got a few copies of this book available for purchase. They are signed by both my daughter and I. If interested, send me an e-mail for further details.

Rifter #45 The Rifter™ #45

- The Court of Tarot: The first contribution from writer Scott Gastineau (whom I'm proud to call a friend of mine). The "Court of Tarot" is an interesting group of investigators into the unknown. More than that, they are rivals and competitors of the Lazlo Society. Includes the organization, notable NPC's and history.

- Alternative setting for the Dead Reign RPG: While not a BTS article, it includes plenty of monsters that work well in the BTS setting (once upon a time, Dead Reign began as a sourcebook idea for BTS).

Rifter #46The Rifter™ #46

- The Scurry Scree: This is a demonic servant that appears as a small stone carving of any animal. It watches his master's prized possessions and alerts him to intruders and thieves.

- The Scurry Talus: This is a larger stone carving of any animal or garden object that guards the outside of a structure or dwelling and can alert its master of intruders, or attack them.

Shameless advertising: Both of these baddies were of my creation and I've got a signed copy or two of this book available for purchase. If interested, send me an e-mail for further details.

Image of Rifter#49 The Rifter™ #49

- “Vampires Revisited”: While it was intended for Nightbane, this article provides several different types of vampires, all of which can and do work in the Beyond the Supernatural setting with little alteration and maintenance. Its worth having in your BTS tool kit, and probably will still be useful after the “Tomb Grotesque” book is released.

Rifter #51 The Rifter™ #51

- Mundane Doesn't Mean Boring!: This article was written for all game systems, but it favors and references BTS-2 heavily. Highlights include Anthropologist/ Archaeologist & Forensic Criminalistics in greater detail, New Occupations, New Skills, GM tips, using skepticism & debunking in investigations, making a BTS-2 team, skill modifiers, contested skills and new Armor and trauma notes. This one has become an important tool in my GM toolkit and I encourage EVERY GM out there to get a copy!

Rifter #53 The Rifter™ #53

- The Lucky Psychic: A new P.C.C. who's specialties include altering his luck and others around him. Also included are some cool ideas and a Non-Player Character Lucky Psychic example named Eddie "Bet da' House" Champman. This one is another one of my articles and thus far I've gotten more positive feedback on this one from people than any other article I've sent thus far.

Shameless advertising: I've got a signed copy or two of this book available for purchase. If interested, contact me for further details.

Rifter #56 The Rifter™ #56

- The Tainted Martyr: A new P.C.C. that suffers chronic aches, pains and physical debilitations to possess incredible power and ability when in the presence of the supernatural.
This is another one of my articles (not that I'm bragging) and includes a short story and adventure ideas. I should also note that Kevin loved this article.

Shameless advertising: I've got a signed copy or two of this book available for purchase. If interested, contact me for further details.

The Rifter #57

The Rifter™ #57

- The Rifter Creature Feature: This article included five new BTS specific creatures, including the Grave Larva, The Brawling Joe, The Kroguar, The Hafoot, and the Geode Golem. This is yet another one of my articles (again, not that I'm bragging).

Shameless advertising: I've got a signed copy or two of this book available for purchase. If interested, contact me for further details.

Image of Rifter #60The Rifter™ #60

- Kids Game: Something Wonderful! Written by BTS uber-fan Hendrik Härterich. Besides being a very thoughtful article, he referenced the “Teeny Bopper” adventure in the BTS-1 book, this would be a great intro game for the next generation of gamers.

- Trust and Intimidation: This article goes a long in addressing making use of characters with a high Mental Affinity, and using the trust or intimidation bonus that comes with it. I've experimented with similar ideas and find that this is a good article, one that I might build upon in one of my upcoming sourcebooks.

The Rifter #61 The Rifter™ #61

- Charm and Impress: The Key to Success: Written by the same person who wrote the “Trust and Intimidation” article above (Liam Gray), this article makes great strides in addressing making better use characters with a High Physical Beauty, using either the Impress or Charm bonus that comes with it.

As mentioned in the previous article, I've experimented with similar ideas and think this article is onto something and can find a lot of use in a BTS game.

Image of The Rifter #62 CoverThe Rifter™ #62

- Climbing, Expanded: This article is by a 20- year Palladium veteran who's taken up Rock Climbing as a hobby, and in doing so he understands that there's a LOT more to it than anyone realizes. To that end, he's written an expansion to the climbing skill, including a look at the grading system, the tools used (old and new), aids, protection, skill penalties, and turning the skill into a Secondary Skill level & Professional skill level (which includes bonuses) and bonuses from other skills. Lots of BtS potential here.

Book cover of Rifter #63The Rifter™ #63

- The Handy Dandy Random Adventure Generator:
Written by Chai Gallahun, this article is an essential aid for creating the essential elements to a good, horrific story. Sometimes, GM's need a creative push to help them come up with an interesting plot for an adventure or campaign, or maybe they might need to generate a random NPC or location in an pinch. Sometimes players might want an interesting back story of their player character, such as a family background or current story line. This article serves both of those, and more.

Cover of The Rifter #64The Rifter™ #64

-The Gleaner: A new OFFICIAL supernatural predator for BTS. They appear on Devil's Night (the night before Halloween) captures prey (which includes children, lots of them) while it builds enough energy to exit the planet on All Saint's Day (the day after Halloween) taking all of its captured prey with it. This only gives the player characters 1-3 days to find and deal with it before its captured prey disappears forever.

There's also new occupations for Dead Reign, but the professions work the same with BTS, so they can be used with little alteration.

Cover for the Rifter #65The Rifter™ #65

Hollow Road – by Anthony Uyl. “An adventure in which the players will discover that the local townsfolk can be just as evil as the Supernatural in their pursuit of power”.

Anthony and I have been Palladium Pals for sometime now. He's submitted several items to the House (from monsters to adventures) and now he's getting his scribes published in the Rifter! I was fortunate enough to be Anthony's content editor on this one and I can assure you that its good stuff!

The Rifter Issue number 68The Rifter™ 68

Brulyx? - By Steven Dawes. “Something Strange is going on. Psychics are having premonitions of impending doom, and then a Psychic Investigator from the lazlo Society sends an email S.O.S. that leads to an adventure that could hold the fate of the world in the balance. Can your characters get to the bottom of this before it is too late?”

This adventure was heavily inspired by the alternative Dead Reign material from The Rifter #45, specifically concerning the Cult of Brulyx. I designed it as a convention game adventure, but I dug it so much that I added extra notes/info and submitted it to Palladium for the Rifter. I'm paticulalry proud of this article.

Shameless advertising: I've got a signed copy or two of this book available for purchase. If interested, contact me for further details.

The Rifter issue 71 and 72 coverThe Rifter™ #71 & #72 (Double Issue)

Yokai of Japan - By Shawn Merrow and Kevin Siembieda.

This article includes 10 monsters inspired from by japanese Myth. It also includes some Hook, Line and Sinkers and various ideas for bringing Japanese monsters to other parts of the world.

This issue also includes some useful GM tips that are worth a read.

Cover art for The Rifter #78The Rifter™ #78

A Tomes Grotesque™ Monster for Beyond the Supernatural™, “official” source material – by Kevin Siembieda.

Modern Day Necromancer - By Greg Diaczyk

This is one hasnt been released as of yet,