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“Where there is no imagination, there is no horror.”
-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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Rifter #1 "Rifter"™ #1 This issue includes:

- A selection of BTS Psychic Character Classes (P.C.C.), including "The Bard", "The Cursed Psychic", "The Priest", "The Pseudo-Psychic" and "The Transcendent".

Note: These P.C.C.'s use 1st edition rules, but they can easily be converted to 2nd edition. I may get around to adding my homemade conversions in the House Rules page someday.

Rifter #2 "Rifter"™ #2 This issue includes:

- The Imp, Supernatural Rumormonger: Extremely intelligent shape changing gargoyle like creatures. They are prankster's and joker's just as much as they are capable spies and infiltrators.

- "The Traditional Hacker" Occupational Character Class (part of the "Hacking, Cyberjacking & Supernatural Data Theft across the Megaverse" submission). This one also uses 1st edition rules, but is extremely easy to update.

- "The Rifts Connection": This one is filled with lots of details concerning the "Beyond the Supernatural"™ world, including a lot of detail about Victor Lazlo, ley lines, P.P.E., dimensional anomalies and places of magic (such as the Bermuda Triangle).

Rifter #8 "Rifter"™ #8 This issue includes:

- The Charonis: The Charonis are a new species of werebeasts, more specifically "werebats". Note: This submission uses 1st edition rules. I may post my homemade 2nd edition rules conversion to the "house rules" page some day.

- "The Laughing Man" R.C.C.: The Laughing Man is a psychic aberration. They were once psychic healers, but are now a psychotic killers and despicable supernatural predators. Note: Uses 1st edition rules.

Rifter #10 "Rifter"™ #10 This issue includes:

- "Trouble in the Midwest": This is a frightening adventure that's ideal for low to mid-level characters.

- "Dark Consequences": An adventure that's ideal for player characters who are members of the Lazlo Society or a paranormal investigation agency.

Rifter #13 "Rifter"™ #13 This issue includes:

- New O.C.C.s like the "Arcane Archaeologist", "The Occultist", the "Cryptozoologist" and news skills to accompany them. Note: This submission uses 1st edition rules.

- Living Numbers and Curses: Includes a new entity known as "The Thirteen Entity", a new being called the "Living Numbers" and the info concerning the use of magic by non-magic characters.

- "Welcome to Fayfield Inn": This is a non-urban (outdoors based) adventure that's ideal for low to medium level Player Characters.

Rifter #17 "Rifter"™ #17 This issue includes:

- "Last Street": This is a scenario setting which includes places like the Center for the Study of the Arcane, Things Forgotten Antique Shop, the Last Full Measure Detective Agency and Land's Outfitters. Includes notable NPC's, mysteries, equipment items and adventure ideas.

Rifter #20 "Rifter"™ #20 This issue includes:

- A "Last Street" Adventure: This is an adventure tied to the "Last Street" setting from issue 17. A period piece set in 1930 Chicago and providing Dreams of Glory for those who can lay their hands on it. Zombies, study of the Arcane, time travel, and intrigue are all a part of this one.

Rifter #28 "Rifter"™ #28 This issue includes:

- The Soul Tree: The "Soul Tree" is an ethereal tree that lives in graveyards, devouring the knowledge and memories of the dead, and tormenting and corrupting the living. Includes pacts with the tree, evil fruit, Protecting Wraiths, Spy Minions, Poltergeists and Seeds. This is another favorite BTS submission of mine and I wish I'd written it.
Note: This submission uses 1st edition rules.

Rifter #32 "Rifter"™ #32 This issue includes:

- "The Squatter": This is an adventure I'd written and submitted specifically as an introduction to the "Gormaglut" creature that follows this adventure. This one holds a special place in my heart as it was my first submission I sent in at the request of Wayne Smith as I'd been playing out a similar story on the Lazlo Society.org website. This submission is what kicked off all my BTS writing ever since.

- The Gormaglut: A new lesser demon that was included in the Rifter as a sneak preview of the upcoming "Tomb Grotesque" sourcebook. Even beyond the fact that I submitted material based on it, the Gormaglut has become one of my favorite BTS monsters.

Rifter #34 "Rifter"™ #34 This issue includes:

- The Skin Thief: This is a monster who hides amongst humans by stealing both the skin and P.P.E. of other people. Its another one of my submissions and it sick and disgusting, but can also be played with a macabre sense of humor. The artwork also happens to be the first piece of work artist Nick Bradshaw made for Palladium and I'm fortunate enough to call him my friend (and I look forward to hanging out and chatting with him over brewski's again some day).

Rifter #47 "Rifter"™ #47 This issue includes:

- "The Fall of N.O.R.A.D.": This adventure offers BTS-2 stats for five new supernatural creatures presented throughout the adventure. Includes the "Penta-Demon", the "Dino-Spider", the "Slicer Demon", the "Lumbering Abyss" and the "Cephalo-Arachon".

- "The Chain Letter": this submission offers us an ancient evil spirit who causes misfortune to all those who do not pay her homage.