“In the end, of course, we remain puppets and our smiles are still painted ones.
But now at least we have moistened them with our own blood.”

– Thomas Ligotti, “Professor Nobody's Little Lectures”

Pregenerated Player Characters

These are the Pregenerated Characters that I created for use in my convention games. I'm presenting them in the order of the P.C.C. listings as presented the main book. P.C.C.'s from other books (like the Rifter) are located below those.
Click on the character images/illustrations to download the PDF.
Note: My Beyond the Supernatural™ games are based in Seattle, Washington which the character sheets make reference to in places.

Image of Charlie Manumaleuna

Charlie Manumaleuna

Charlie is a 35-year-old Psychic Diviner and Taxi Driver. He's as proud of his Samoan heritage as he is to be retired Navy, making two tours of duty as a helicopter and jet pilot. After seeing a lot of the world in the Navy, he's since settled in Seattle, enjoying his time between playing World of Warcraft, working on his Taxi, and investigating the paranormal.

Charlie has been a favorite pregen at gaming con's & Palladium Open House outings. Players really get into his “Just Hang Loose” attitude, his being a giant teddy bear of a man with a soft spot for kids and a pretty face, and everyone loves how the removable steering wheel in his taxi can be converted into his favorite dowsing rod. Most players act out steering it like he's driving a car while tracking something.

The image of Charlie is Pedro Miguel Arce, who played the Samoan survivor Pillsbury in the Land of the Dead movie.

Image of Crystal Dravucz

Crystal Dravucz

Crystal is a 25-year-old Psychic Diviner and Gardener / Landscaper. Crystal grew up in a farming community in north Idaho, and has always had a fondness for farming, gardening, camping, and great outdoors in general. She's as self-reliant and adventurous as she is protective and defensive of others.

Image is from one of the Women of the Brigade models from thechive.com.

Illustration of Emilia by Brandon C. Clark

Emilia Sonalii Selena Fernandez

Emilia is a 27-year-old Fire Walker and Professional Fire Performer, singer and musician. Emilia grew up in a traveling carnival show in Mexico. When her father was murdered by a Brawling Joe, Emilia tracked him all the way to Seattle and destroyed him.

Shes likes the Seattle bohemian lifestyle and decided to stay. She continues to perform her fire routines and entertaining while becoming a contributing member of the Lazlo Society.

Emilia's illustration is another fine example of Brandon C. Clark's quality of work, especially considering that I asked him to illustrate her in a rush for use at a gaming convention that weekend. Her look of determination could be seen as concentrating of her fire performing or that she's attacking an unseen supernatural creature.

Image of Mark O'Conner

Mark O'Connor

Mark is a 30-year-old Fire Walker & Firefighter who's not afraid to put his life on the line daily; whether it be a fiery inferno or against the supernatural. His good ol' boy attitude and his cowboy swagger always makes his a fun pregen to use at conventions and the Palladium Books Open House.

Brandon C. Clark's illustration of Mark was an instant favorite of mine; he captured Mark's bravery, spirit and determination incredibly well.

Image of Anita Burkett

Anita Burkette

Anita is a 24-year-old Gifted Clothing Designer and Fashion Model. Anita grew up in a disciplined but loving family in the heart of Seattle. Anita was the apple of her parent’s eye, encouraging and enriching the artistic genius she displayed early on.

Perhaps as a spoke of her genius mind, Anita absorbed the best of both her parents. Her mother fostered her creative talents and sense of style (she’s been the owner and manager of a beauty salon for nearly twenty years) as well as her natural beauty.

Being a daddy’s girl, she absorbed his strong sense of discipline, high moralist character, and a fascination for investigating the paranormal. Her image came from a Second Life fan site I think.

image of Douglas Ferguson

Douglas Ferguson

Douglas is a 30-year-old Natural Athlete and Assistance Coach for the Tacoma Rainiers and an athletic wear and gear model. Douglas grew up an only child in Jewish family and fell in love with a variety of sports (baseball in particular) early on.

Doug had plans to become a baseball star in the major leagues before witnessing a monster steal one of his team mates away in the middle of the night. As he came to understand what he saw, and the horrible truth of the supernatural, Doug felt that he had to do something about it.

He turned in his dream of being a baseball star (the fast paced life wouldn't allow time for paranormal investigating) and instead became a baseball coach. He supplements his income by modeling athletic wear and gear, and in his spare time he enjoys going out to meet all the lovely ladies of Seattle.

Image of Jill Wagner

Leeza Petulengro

Leeza is a 28-year-old Natural Athlete and Bounty Hunter. Leeza was born into a family of traveling Gypsies, and hated the lifestyle. As soon as she was old enough she left, living by the seat of her pants until she discovered bounty hunting. Even better was when she realized that she has a talent for it, and has been doing it ever since.

The image of Leeza is of actress Jill Wagner, and the images on her character sheet are from both the Blade and the Teen Wolf TV shows (ironically I've not watched either show).

Thumbnail of Moses Magnum

Minister Moses Magnum

Moses Magnum is a 34-year-old Ghost Hunter and Southern Baptist Church Minister. Moses is a very honorable and spiritual man, striving to do god's work, spreading his gospel to the people and slaying in supernatural whenever he finds them, sending them back to the hell they came from.

Moses is also currently training a young Ghost Hunter named Roxy Rowe (see below). Image used came from the Blade TV show.

thumbnail of Roxy Rowe

Roxy Rowe

Roxy Rowe is a 19-year-old Ghost Hunter, a part-time security guard at Obsidian Labs, and a full-time student from a loving, spiritual family in Bellevue, WA. Currently she's undergoing training to be a more capable supernatural hunter under the guidance of Minister Moses Magnum.

Illustration by Brandon C. Clark, who depicted her as posing for a charitable fund raiser calendar (publicly, Obsidian Labs is known as a charitable, caring and humanitarian company).

The caption on the calendar reads “Obsidian Labs: our security is better looking”.

Image of Alexander MichaudAlexander “The Kid Psychic” Michaud

Alex is a 14-year-old Latent Psychic and Defamed TV Personality and Professional psychic. The only child in a long line of psychics, Alexander began showing psychic abilities by the age of five. His family’s connections to television producers enabled a reality television show. Being a cute and charismatic kid, Alex was the show’s anchor and it was an instant hit.

But a life of child stardom, growing up in front of the camera and the constant traveling made Alex a spoiled, mouthy, arrogant little brat by the age ten. This lead to his inevitable fall from grace after being publicly humiliated on live television by a debunker.

Now he's honing his parkour and skateboarding skills as well as his psychic abilities as he plans to return to television to prove that he's a real psychic. He's also developing a hero complex as his psychic abilities and arrogance grows.

Image of Emma Walker Pregen

Emma Jean Walker

Emma is a 13-year-old Latent Psychic and High School Student. A few years ago, Emma was kidnapped and nearly eaten by a Bogey Man, but was rescued by her father (a well known Psi-Mechanic in the Lazlo Agency). Shes been developing psychic abilities ever since. She loves her psychic abilities and has recently been taking an academic approach to learning more about the paranormal and the supernatural.

Her father recently suffered multiple fractures in his left leg after dealing with a particularly brutal supernatural monster. Wanting to prove herself, she's been sneaking out of the house with his Psi-Devices to help the Lazlo Agency in his place.

Emma is one of my oldest pregen's; I don't recall where I got her image from (probably favim.com).

thumbnail of Brian DuChamp

Brian DuChamp

Brian DuChamp is a 40-year-old Ordinary Human and Novelist of supernatural horror and mystery novels. He prefers to go by his pen name, “Malcolm Witts”.

Yes, there's a lot of inspiration from the Castle TV show going on here (the image should look familiar). But in my defense, I wrote Brian up when it was a new show and full of potential, before all the potential and possibility were wasted over the years. I think where I went with this character is much more fun.

Note: This PDF has been updated as of November of 2012. If you uploaded this awhile ago, it might be time to update.

image of Vigo De Luigi

Ludovigo De Luigi

Ludovigo (“Vigo”) De Luigi is a 42-year-old Ordinary Human and a Deli/Meat Shop owner. Vigo used to be a great and proud man, but has been on a downward spiral since the loss of his son (who was taken by a Bogey Man).

Vigo was one of my earliest pregens (in the first five I think), and he's still one of my personal favorites. I especially enjoy watching players act out and play the near suicidal tendencies he's currently going through in his vendetta of slaying monsters.

This is another old image; I'm not sure who the artist is (I think he's done work for World of Darkness), but I found it somewhere on deviantart.com.

Image of Sam LaFontaine

Sam LaFontaine

Sam LaFontaine is a 27-year old Ordinary Human and Professional Hit man. His cover is a High School Shop Teacher. Sam was born into a family of small time criminals, and while he cant seem to escape his family's criminal orientation, he strove to become a high class one.

Having met his goal of making a nice living as a hired killer, Sam's gotten to where he can pick his contracts, finding some comfort in that he only kills people who have it coming to them (low life killers, rapists, child molesters, etc.) But hunting the supernatural has recently become a personal vendetta after losing his brother to Hell Hounds.

Sam has seen a lot of play time at gaming conventions and the Palladium Open House over the years. Something about a professional hit man with a vendetta against the supernatural in his spare time just appeals to people. The image above is another one I've been using for years, and so I don't recall where I got it from.

image of Dr. Corbin Romance

Dr. Corbin Romance

Dr. Romance is a 27-year-old Parapsychologist, the oldest of two boys from a low-income, single parent family in Phoenix, Arizona. In spite of his tough childhood, Corbin grew up compassionate and curious, blessed with a brilliant mind. Accelerated several times in grade school, Corbin graduated high school at only fourteen years old with a full scholarship to the University of Arizona.

In College he planned on becoming a scientist before discovering the paranormal, becoming fascinated by it. Following his fascination, he became a Parapsychologist.

Corbin's good looks have become a double edged sword to him however; his private funding is in truth funded by a wealthy widower who sees him as a 'boy toy'. As other colleagues in the paranormal field have caught on and started to talk, his reputation as a Parapsychologist has been tarnished, perhaps permanently.

Image of Rebecca Hall

Dr. Angela Jean Strauss

Dr. Angela Jean Strauss (“Ajax”) is a 32-year-old Military Scientist and the only child in a family of proud military scientists. She grew up a gifted military brat, traveling all over the globe while absorbing everything like a sponge and graduating with a Doctorate in Psychology, Biology and Chemistry by the age of twenty-one.

Dr. Strauss is currently working undercover for the U.S. Military as a Parapsychologist. Her current mission: Investigate the Supernatural while keeping tabs on the psychics and mages involved in both the Lazlo Society and Lazlo Agency, determining the potential military applications of both the supernatural and the investigators.

It's rare that I do this, but I had a specific person in mind when I created Angela, actress Rebecca Hall. I dig her lots and find her to be a very under appreciated actress (see the BtS worthy movie
The Awakening for an example of just how good she is).

Image of Callie Rodenburg

Callie Rodenburg,
A.K.A. “The Huntress

Callie is a 20-year-old Physical Psychic and Exotic Dancer & Bartender. As with the flashy nature of physical psychics, Callie is a very outgoing, outspoken party girl type who works hard and plays hard, enjoying her life to the fullest. Those who are familiar with "The Huntress" on the lazlosociety.org (one of my user name's on the site) should recognize her.

Image used is adult film star Jessie Jane, who I think meets the visual expectations of an exotic dancer with a high physical beauty.

Image of Dmitri Borskowitz

Dmitri Borskowitz

Dmitri is a 29-year-old Physical Psychic and Construction Worker. Originally from Mother Russia, he was effectively indentured into working for the Russian mob in New York before eventually escaping and making his way to the other end of the country in Seattle.

As a physical guy, he was created as a pretty straight forward Pregen who uses big weapons, physical psychic abilities and acts like a meat shield to the other pregen's.

I don't recall where the image came from, but I think he's a Russian body builder.
Note: As of 8/12/14 Dmitri's character sheet has been updated.

Image of Cartlon Gude

Carlton Gude

Carlton is a 41-year-old Psi-Mechanic and auto & boat repair mechanic. He was born into a hard working family that proudly claims six generations of building and working in Seattle.

Carl is a model of the hard working man, only recently becoming involved in paranormal investigating after his mother was attacked (and nearly killed) by some creature of the night.

He now investigates the paranormal and builds psi-devices to keep his family safe while enjoying the use of his newly discovered psychic talents.

Character illustration by the great Brandon C. Clark.

Illustration for Claire de Veilmond

Claire de Veilmond

Clair de Veilmond is a 25-year-old Psi-Mechanic and Computer Technician. Claire lived in a white collar family in a nice part of town until her father was busted for being part of an embezzlement ring at the accounting firm he worked with. No longer able to afford the lifestyle, Claire's mom moved into with an aunt in a rough part of Seattle.

The culture shock and bullying that came with the move forced Claire to toughen up quickly, taking self defense classes and finding the confidence to stand her ground.

Today she's self employed, self reliant and always ready to prove her mettle against the supernatural. Image is one I've used for years; I don't recall where it came from.

Image of Jim Beavers

Jim Beavers

Jim Beavers is a 48-year-old Psychic Healer and Competitive Fisherman & Outdoorsman.

As you might have guessed, I'm a fan of the Supernatural TV show (ten points to your geek score if you knew that Jim Beavers is his real name). Funny thing is that when I created this character, I had no intention of Jim being the avatar. But the more I wrote up this character, the more Jim kept coming to mind as to what he looks like. And since the character is an outdoorsman, the last name also seemed appropriate, so I used it. Mr. Beavers, your a true muse... don't ever change!

Note: Jim's PDF has been updated as of June of 2013. If you've not uploaded this PDF in some time, it might be due.

image of Sister Anna Dvorak

Sister Anna Dvorak

Sister Anna is a 36-year-old Psychic Healer, Catholic nun and exorcism specialist to the Vatican.

I cant take all the credit on creating Anna;
a lot of the credit belongs to one of my players and gal-pal Angie, who's one of the best character creators (and role players) I've ever known. Anna was an NPC she asked me to consider creating for her player character to interact with and have as a contact.
I liked her so much that I completely fleshed her out as a pregen character.

The image is a stock photo; don't recall where I found it.

Image of Nerymar

Nerymar Barerra

Nerymar is a 22-year-old Psychic Healer and an aspiring Model, Comedian, Actress and a Keyboard Player and Singer in a local band.

Nerymar is in the midst of a late blooming rebellion against following her family's footsteps in medicine. She eventually grow out of it however and will return to nursing school as deep down she loves being a healer. In the meantime she enjoys the attention, keeping busy, and being involved in Paranormal Investigations.

Nerymar was created in response to players who wanted a female Psychic Healer, but didn't want to play a nun. I found my unexpected inspiration and muse for Nerymar in a Shopko advertisement when I saw the model's image above. I ran with it from there.

Image of Justin VanBuskirk

Justin VanBuskirk

Justin VanBuskirk is a 25-year-old Psychic Medium and Computer Programmer.

His Spirit Guide (Rain Louise Foster) was a Spiritualist in life and is the spirit of his Great Aunt.

Justin had a rough childhood and was going down a bad road, but when his Aunt appeared, she became his mentor and guide in many ways, helping him become a better man.

Justin's illustration was a birthday gift from
Mike "Mad Man" Leonard; and The Host humbly accepts your generous gift and thanks you!

Thumbnail of Lacey Sullivan

Lacey Sullivan

Lacey Sullivan is an 18-year-old Psychic Medium who's currently attending college at the University of Seattle. Her Spirit Guide is a pioneer from the 1800's and is also her great, great grand uncle.

If memory serves, both the ghost and the girl images came from a free picture site (and were merged together using Photoshop), but I couldn't tell you where.

Thumbnail of Conrad Timmons

Conrad Lee Timmons

Conrad Timmons is a 29-year-old Psychic Sensitive and Professional Psychic Investigator.

I got a challenge request ages ago to try creating a psychic sensitive that kicks mucho ass. From the movies and TV shows that I've seen, sensitive's are not ass kickers by nature, so this was a challenge I wasn't sure I could successfully pull off without him being overly macho and manly to the point of being unrealistic. Then one day I was toying around with building a character and I rolled a LOT of high physical attributes, and I got to thinking that if I was to create a tough sensitive, this would be the time. As the psychic abilities, skills and gear were being added, a character idea and history started to take shape, and in the end I think he turned out pretty good.

The image used is a character named Captain Xavier Jones from the Clive Barker's Jericho video game. I've never played the game (I hear it stinks), but the image fits the tough but sensitive look I was going for.

Image of Rajesh Kumar Manjhi

Rajesh Kumar Manjhi

Rajesh is a twenty 28-year-old Psychic Sensitive and Artist & Craftsman. Rajesh is very attuned to the supernatural, and has learned to embrace it. His sensitive abilities also enhance his skills as an artist.

I updated and posted Rajesh before other pregens that were waiting in line for Dave Watkins, my pal & one of the first fans of my BTS writing. He ALWAYS plays Rajesh at the Palladium Books Open House.

Sensitive's are an important part of any BtS adventure, but they're the hardest class to role play. But not only does Dave bravely accept the challenge, he plays a Sensitive better than anyone I've seen. This one's for you Dave!

Illustration by Brandon C. Clark, who's work continues to impress me.

Image of Sakura Ikeda

Sakura Ikeda

Sakura is a 20-year-old Psychic Sensitive and Psychic Professional. Sakura was raised in a Zen Buddist temple located in rural Iowa, where her father is the priest of the temple. While she's proud to be Buddist and seeks enlightenment, Sakura has chosen to follow her own path to find it.

Sakura is also from a powerful ancestry with a long history of seers and shaman's and she's chosen to follow in their footsteps. It was an obvious choice that she'd become a professional psychic, using her mystical upbringing, her flair for the dramatic and her psychic abilities to be a successful one.

I've used this image for years; I don't recall where it came from.

illustration of Amanda Castenada

Amanda Castenada

Amanda is a 22-year-old Lucky Psychic (see The Rifter #53) and Navigational Systems Engineer. Amanda grew up in a tough neighborhood that regularly suffered from the supernatural. As a recourse, a few of her neighbors, friends, and even her brothers were even part of a self imposed neighborhood watch program to protect them from it.

But even with the neighborhood watch to keep an eye on things, both of her brothers were killed by the supernatural when she was eleven. Their deaths have motivated her to investigate the paranormal and destroying the supernatural ever since.

This image is another I found years ago, on deviantart.com I think.