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Calculating Leap, Run and Swim in the Miscellaneous Section of the BtS character sheet:

When I started publishing my NPC sheets online, I got more questions about calculating the “Miscellaneous Section” info than I got comments or compliments on the NPC’s themselves. So I thought I’d post the details of how I calculate this info.

Feet to Yards note: The Miscellaneous Section details are listed in feet while the calculating below is all done in yards. Just remember that 1 yard is equal to 3 feet, so after you've determined your distance in yards, multiply that number by 3 to get the distance in feet.

Leaping distance and Running Power Leap: For characters using normal strength, to calculate the normal leaping height and distance, start by adding up the Running Power Leap distances and then divide those in half to determine the distances when jumping from a standing/crouching position.

A “Running Power Leap” is a wild man leap that has a running start (running for at least 1 action) and is delivered with all the strength the character can muster. The distance for leaping across is 1 ½ feet for every P.S. point and half of that number is the distance for leaping upwards. (Example: a character with a P.S. of 24 would power leap 12 feet across and 6 feet high. From a standing/crouching position they could leap/hop 6 feet long and 3 feet high.
Note: You are allowed to round up your calculations to the nearest half if needed.

Characters with Supernatural Strength instilled in them from psionics, magic, P.C.C. abilities, etc. may triple their leaping distances. So a character with 24 points of Supernatural strength may Power Leap up to 36 feet long and 18 feet high, half of those numbers from a standing or crouching position! For leaps that go above 10 feet, the player should keep in mind that when falling back down from such high distances, falling damage may apply (1D6 per every 10 feet).

Running Speed: A character’s speed attribute x5 is the number of yards/meters he can run in one melee round (15 seconds). Dividing the distance covered in a melee round by the characters number of attacks indicates how far they can run per each action. This pace can be maintained for a total of melees equal to the characters P.E. attribute number before the character gets winded (exertion penalties apply for the next 1D6 minutes while winded).
Note: Characters who take the Running skill are able to run 1 mile for every point of P.E. without undue fatigue (exertion) and can run twice that distance before collapsing.

Swimming Speed: A character can swim a distance equal to 3x his P.S. in yards/meters per melee. Dividing the distance covered in a melee round by the characters number of attacks indicates how far he can swim each action. This pace can be maintained for a total of minutes equal to the P.E. attribute number (where again exertion penalties apply for 1D6 minutes).
Note: Characters that do not take the Swim skill cannot swim and will flounder about for 1D4 melee actions before beginning to go under and drowning rules apply!

Determine MPH: The fastest and easiest way to determine the run and swim MPH is to use a “feet to MPH” converter online (I use this site). To determine the “feet per second” number, quadruple the “feet per melee” number (so it equals a minute’s worth of distance), then divide that number by 60 to determine the “feet per second”. Then place this number into the “Quantity” blank, change the “From” to “feet/second” and the “To” changed to “mile/hour (MPH)”. Your conversion output is at the bottom. This is the most confusing and time consuming part of the creation, but you only have to do it once for each stat.

Invoke Trust/Intimidate and Charm or Impress bonuses are on page 133 of the BtS book in the Attribute Bonus Chart section.

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