Music: “Mansion in the Mist” by MidnightSyndicate from “The 13th Hour” © 2005. Used with permission.

“It was an evil house from the beginning - a house that was born bad.”
– Dr. John Markway, The Haunting

You have entered the House of BTS...
a house that exists
“Beyond the Supernatural”

blinking BTS coverWelcome to my house, I'm delighted that you could come. I am certain you will find your stay most illuminating. It is regrettable that I cannot be with you, but I had to leave before your arrival. Do not let my physical absence disturb you, however. Think of me as your unseen host and believe that, during your stay here, I shall be with you in spirit. May you find the answer that you seek. It is here, I promise you.
 -Emeric Belasco, Hell House

Step into my parlor... welcome to my House, which is dedicated to the Beyond the Supernatural™ (BTS) Role Playing Game from Palladium Books™. All of the content within this house is a collection of thoughts, ideas and suggestions to help you improve your BTS gaming experience. It also serves as practice for my continuing education as a web designer, so stop by regularly for updates to both the site and content.

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Illustration of Justin VanBuskirkMarch 2017 - Its been too quiet for far too long in the House of BTS, and Mike "Mad Man" Leonard has just the thing to shake things up a bit and clear out a few cob webs!

As a birthday gift to the the Host of the House of BTS, Mike created a new illustration of "Justin VanBuskirk"
from the Pregenerated Characters page.

As fate would have it, Justin's character sheet was in need of a upgrade as well, so I ended up redesigning almost everything. But its finished, and it can be found by clicking here!

You have my thanks Mike, for both the illustration and for helping to get the House of BTS some paranormal activity again!

April 2016 - I know there's been a lack of updating in the House of BTS. Sadly, the real life issues of your Host have kept him away. But know that none of you have been forgotten, and I yearn to return to the House. In the weeks/months to come I intent to return and update the House as I can. They will probably be small things like House Rules and adventure ideas and such, but that's something at least.

As always, I'll keep you posted as the House is updated, and where its been updated.

11/1/15 - Well, the Halloween Season is over. It came and went way too fast this year for the Host's liking. I hope that none of you got a bag full of rocks this year.

Now that the seasons over, a sort of quiet uneasiness has fallen upon the house, which is a switch from the general feeling of dread that permeates the very air during this magical time. Kent Burles Psychic Serial killers have all come and gone (they've got busy schedules to keep ya know) and Pumpkin Sam has returned to whatever hellish dimension he comes from until next year. But still, a great time was had by all the surviving house guests and staff and I cant wait for next year!

In the meantime, I've got lots of updating in the House that I hope to have added in the weeks/months to come to give you all reasons to keep coming back.

Up first is a long overdue update of Zain Lomax's character sheet located on the Player Character page. He's now level 3 and is updated accordingly. I use him as a pregen in my convention games and realized at the last Nuke-Con that its unfair to keep him at level 2 when the others are at least level 3. Expect some updated house rules to be added in the near future.

Pumpkin sam by Kent BurlesPumpkin Sam has returned!

The premonitions of the psychics were correct...

I've just confirmed that Pumpkin Sam has arrived for his annual day of hunting victims and taking their heads.

Its my understanding that Pumpkin Sam is a long forgotten deity of some kind, armed with a large hatchet, and he's an unstoppable killer! 

Palladium freelance artist Kent Burles was kind enough to provide the House with a sketch of Pumpkin Sam.
If you see this creature on the prowl, run the other way, and hope you can keep running until midnight!

The Pumpkin Sam monster sheet is only here for one day, so get him before he vanishes until Halloween of 2016!

The Candle Specter by Kent Burles


The Host is well aware of his lack of haunting activity in the House as of late, but sometimes other matters in life must be tended to (like hiding all these bodies).
But as all you house guests know, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I like to do special things this time of year with the House.

To get things started for the season, I'm proud to announce that the House of BTS Face Book page has reached over 200 house guests! I promised that once we reached this goal I would add something special to the House. And to that end I would like to introduce you all to the the latest collaboration between Palladium Books artist Kent Burles and I... The Candle Specter!

This chilling new supernatural entity can be found floating around the Supernatural page. And while Kent's Serial Killers will be back again this Halloween season, the Candle Specter will be haunting the house permanently!

Stay tuned as more tricks and treats are coming!

Reminder: The Host of the House of BTS is returning as a Special Guest Writer at the Nuke-Con Game Convention in Omaha, Nebraska for its 25th Anniversary!

To help celebrate, I've decided to run one giant Beyond the Supernatural adventure, played out in three chapters over the weekend! All three will be a part of my ongoing
"In the Dark"
game series, meaning that the lights will be turned off while the group uses flashlights and other lighting equipment. I also provide sound effects and mood music and other goodies throughout the adventures. I hope to see you there!

Chopper by Kent Burles

Kent Burles' Psychic Murderers
and Serial Killers are back!

You always knew it would happen...
you always knew they would come back for you...
and now, they're here! RUN!

Kent Burles' Psychic Serial Killers have returned for the Halloween season, and they're itchin' from some killin'!

Both Wacker AND Chopper showed up this past weekend to get this party started.
Come on in and meet them... if you dare!

Stay tuned as other will coming throughout the month... if you can survive that long.

-Man Eater has just shown up at the House and is already handing the prep work for our annual Halloween rave in the ballroom! The staff better be on their A game with helping her out or heads will roll.

The entire pack of Kent's Killers are all here and enjoying the hospitality of the House! I've hired extra staff to keep up with the high demand (the body count of the various staff and house guests this pack rack's up is impressive to say the least), and everyone is running scared this Halloween Season. All is as it should be.

Image of NerymarWho's up for a new pregenerated character?

One of my treats to go with all my tricks this year is Nerymar Barerra...

Nerymar is a 22-year-old Psychic Healer and an aspiring Model, Comedian, Actress and a Keyboard Player and Singer in a local band.

Nerymar is in the midst of a late blooming rebellion against following her family's footsteps in medicine. She'll eventually grow out of it however and will return to nursing school as deep down she loves being a healer. In the meantime she enjoys the attention, keeping busy, and being involved in Paranormal Investigations.

Nerymar was created in response to players who wanted a female Psychic Healer, but didn't want to play a nun. I found my unexpected inspiration and muse for Nerymar in a Shopko advertisement when I saw the model's image above. I ran with it from there.

You can find her on the Pregenerated Character page in the Psychic Healers area.

5/4/15- Well, the Palladium Books Open House is next week, and your host has been busy getting ready for it. Going over my adventure notes, making sure pregen’s are up-to-date and ready to go, collecting my books, and what not is a time consuming process, so it’s best to start early.

Speaking of the Open House, you can find a schedule of events here; I’m happy to note that several BTS games are planned (other than my own games that is). My games for this particular open house include “Skeletal Titan”, “2 Score and Seven Years Ago”, and the ever popular “Amber Alert”.

I’m also happy to announce that Kevin asked me to host several panels and sit in on some of the other panels when I’m not running a game. Some of which include my “How to Survive Horror Games” talk panel, which will be interesting to anyone having trouble running or playing your BTS horror games.

I hope to see you next week!

2/3/15- Your host has been a busy man as of late, and its been keeping me from updating the House. I thank you for your patience and know that I'll be adding a few things, starting with the long promised Parkour Physical Skill description. Some of you have been waiting for this since I first wrote it up for the "The Kid Psychic" NPC.

Coincidentally, due to the parkour skill update I made some changes to the
Alex "The Kid Psychic" pregen PDF as some of the bonuses changed.
Click here for the updated PDF


Past news and information concerning the house that's more than six months old, but is still worth knowing can be found below:

BTS Illustration by Chuck Wilson10/1/14 - Well... October, the fall season and Halloween are all upon us again, and I for one am going simply raving mad about it! The paranormal activity within the house is increasing as well as the number of house guests (and the supernatural creatures & monsters that stalk them). Kent Burles' Psychic Serial Killers and Murderers are returning as honored guests for the season (and will be arriving soon), and several tricks AND treats will be passed out throughout the month.

In fact, I'll pass out my first treat now!

When I attend game conventions and run a Beyond the Supernatural game, I bring along copies of what I call the Character Sheet Reference and Tracker page. Its a two sided document designed to make it easy for first time players to find details in the book concerning the information on their BTS pregenerated character sheet.

Well, for the first time ever I'm making this page available for all of my house guests! Click here to get it!

While its not the most useful for long time players, the tracker on the back side can still be of use to you. If nothing else, when you run your own BTS con-games, you're welcome print up copies to pass out to your players.

Keep your eyes on the House of BTS as more goodies will show up throughout the month! You can watch the Palladium Forum page as well as the Facebook page for news and information as well.

6/1/14 - In general I don't like to brag or pat myself on the back, but sometimes it's nice to get a compliment, if only to be reminded that I'm doing it right.
I've gotten plenty of compliments on the House (which is fantastic as I'm pretty proud of it), but there are a few compliments both directly & indirectly that I wanted to share.

-From a review by the Semi-Retired Gamer who had this to say about the house:

“Even thought I do not own or play BTS yet, I found the fan site to be extremely well done and should be of use to others. This site is basically what every gaming fan site should strive to be”.

-I spotted these in a BtS related post on the Palladium Forums:

ffranceschi wrote:“BTS has MrLoucifer and the best Palladium related website ever”...
Hendrik replied with: “House of BtS is awesome beyond the pale and getting better. Steven is an excellent writer chock full of excellent ideas and loves BtS.”

-And while not House related per se, Stephanie, one of my players, had this to say about my home BtS game/materials:

“Another great GM is Steven Dawes... He's honestly the best GM I've ever played with. His Beyond the Supernatural games are brilliant."

I'm flattered to death by words like these; they help keep me and the House going.

Illustration fo the Bogey Man by Brandon C. Clark

3/16/14 - May I have everyone's attention please?

Brandon C. Clark is the interior decorator of the House of BtS, and in many ways I consider him my right hand concerning matters in the House.

Well, Brandon has run into a stitch that you can help unravel. In short, he needs character commissions, and the speedier your commission come the better.

I can tell you from personal experience, Brandon understands and knows the BTS vibe (or other RPG settings if desired), his character commissions are always top shelf quality, and he's expedient. I have a photo album dedicated to his work on The Facebook page (as well as spattered around the walls of the House) if you want examples of his fine work.

His standard rate is $25 for a character portrait (unless you want something intricate). Honestly, for the quality of his work, that's an outright steal!

Brandon has a Facebook page where you can befriend and reach him at, or you can contact him via his e-mail address at (which coincidentally is the Pay Pal address you can send him funds through).

1/26/14 - The "Semi-Retired Gamer" is a blog featuring the game related ramblings and ideas of a role-player of over 30 years. And I'm proud to say that he reviewed the House of BTS on his blog! And what did he have to say? Heres a few excerpts:

"Even thought I do not own or play BTS yet, I found the fan site to be extremely well done and should be of use to others."

"This site is basically what every gaming fan site should strive to be."

So click here to read his full review; tell him the Host sent you while your there.

This has been a long time coming, but the House is now officially hosted with pride by Host Omaha! From here on out, you'll find the house by visiting “”.
This means that the house that Beyond the Supernatural built is here to stay!

It will continue to serve as a BTS fan resource like it always has, but it will now be used as a sampler page in my hopes to build a niche as a fan site designer. You can also continue to follow the paranormal activities that go on inside the house through the Facebook page.

I also hope to spring board the site to new heights as I've lot lots of ideas and plans to build onto current (and possibly new) sections of the house. New monsters, new NPC, new gear, and more is coming! Stay tuned!

House of BTS Guest Bathroom illustration by Brandon C. Clark 6/19/13 - I've just received word from my newest guest and BTS artist Brandon C. Clark that there's a problem with one of the guest bathrooms in my house. “Something's gumming up the plumbing” or something like that he said...

But not to worry, I've sent someone in to feed the take care of the problem, and it should be resolved soon.

In the meantime, I've set up Brandon with another guest room, for there's always plenty of space for guests in the House of BTS, its how I feed the house staff keep the house staff occupied.

(Seriously, I love Brandon's newest illustration, which he drew especially for the House, promising that more exclusive pieces will grace the galleries, the many rooms, and the hallways of the house.)

Unused Alien Intelligence illustration from artist Brandon C. Clark6/10/13 - Palladium Artist Brandon C. Clark was kind enough to point an unused illustrated he created of an Alien Intelligence for Beyond the Supernatural out to me. While its unused at this time, I'd like to think it will show up in the Tome Grotesque sourcebook.

Brandon's illustration is grotesque, its horrible, its twisted, its sickening, and it makes my blood curdle... therefore it's perfect for displaying on the walls of the House of BTS! Nice work Brandon!

P.S. Brandon's also got a few more BTS illustrations that I plan to round up and display through the house in time. Keep a look out for more of his festering, hideously awesome work! Oh, and feel free to look at more of his fine works on his deviantart page.

(12/3/12) - If you haven't seen it yet, The House of BTS now has a page on Face book. Please like it to be kept up on the news and happening that go on within the house.

(11/26/12) - I'm happy to announce that I've gotten permission from "Midnight Syndicate" to play their hauntingly atmospheric music within the varied rooms and hallways of the house! I'm a big fan of their work (have been for years), I proudly own all their music CD's, and I've used many of their tracks in my BTS games.
I will be posting their music across several pages of the House in the coming weeks, but as you can hear, I've already updated the home page with a BTS worthy selection to help set the mood.

3/31/12- I forgot to mention that Palladium Books has released bookmark set #2, which includes the Beyond the Supernatural book cover as one of the available book markers. Check them out here.

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