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“It was an evil house from the beginning - a house that was born bad.”
– Dr. John Markway, The Haunting

You have entered the House of BTS...
a house that exists
“Beyond the Supernatural”

blinking BTS coverWelcome to my house, I'm delighted that you could come. I am certain you will find your stay most illuminating. It is regrettable that I cannot be with you, but I had to leave before your arrival. Do not let my physical absence disturb you, however. Think of me as your unseen host and believe that, during your stay here, I shall be with you in spirit. May you find the answer that you seek. It is here, I promise you.
 -Emeric Belasco, Hell House

Step into my parlor... welcome to my House, which is dedicated to the Beyond the Supernatural™ (BTS) Role Playing Game from Palladium Books™. All of the content within this house is a collection of thoughts, ideas and suggestions to help you improve your BTS gaming experience. It also serves as practice for my continuing education as a web designer, so stop by regularly for updates to both the site and content.

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2/20/2018- Brandon C. Clark (of Dark Chamber Comix) has been on a pregen illustration frenzy! In the process of updating lots of new characters, he inspired me to do some long planned revisions of the character sheets I've been wanting to do. I've tightened some areas up, dropped some information in places that really wasn't benefitting the con-game atmosphere while adding useful information elsewhere. The bottom line is that they're now more useful and readable for the gaming convention crowd that they were made for.

The good news here is that I will update all the pregen sheets over time to reflect this revision. The bad news is that they will take time as I have to merge and change and updated them all manually.

In the meantime, I just re-posted Charlie's and Moses' pregen sheets with these changes today. So if you desire to have the newest version of their character sheets, head on over to pregen page, they're waiting for you.

Otherwise, the bird like creature continues to elude my staff, but we work diligently to catch it and bring it inside, and the next pregen I'll be updating with Brandon's illustration is Leeza.

Thumbnail of Moses Magnum

2/16/18- Well, that creature I mentioned spotting outside my window last week continues to either elude my staff or kill them. But rest assured that I have plenty more staff to send out and find her. It's a sacrifice that I'm willing to make for my beloved House Guests.

In fact, to help in this endeavour I've got a scheduled appointment to get some advice soon from an Aron Hill, a blogger and member of the Lazlo Society, as well as a sweat lodge meeting with Seminole Shaman. Both claim to have important details about what this creature is, and hopefully how to catch it.

In the meantime, Brandon C. Clark of Dark Chamber Comix continues to impress with his latest illustration of Minister Moses Magnum!

Moses Magnum is a 39-year-old Ghost Hunter and Baptist Church Minister. Moses is a very honorable and spiritual man, striving to do God's work, spreading the gospel to the people of his congregation and slaying Supernatural beings whenever he finds them, sending them all back to whatever hell they came from.

Moses is also currently training a young Ghost Hunter named Roxy Rowe (see below).

Brandon C. Clark's illustration of Moses became an instant favorite of mine and inspired me to get around to performing a much needed overhaul of his character sheet. As a reminder, Brandon does commissions and I cannot recommend him enough!

Illustration of Charlie by Brandon C. Clark

2/10/18- Greetings my beloved House Guests!

It seems love is in the air in the House of BTS, and my love of all things supernatural horror is as apparent as ever! A new monster is coming soon, lots of character sheet will be updating, and I even plans to build a new wing onto the house for “Totem Falls”, a sleepy backwater in Washington State my player characters visit from time to time.

In the meantime, the first of hopefully many more to come, Charlie Manumaleuna, Psychic Diviner and Taxi Driver has gotten a long over due face lift. His pregen character sheet has been updated and an illustration from Brandon C. Clark has been added to it.

Brandon C. Clark's illustration of Charlie is a great example of how well he picks on the cues of a character. He captures the size, the strength, and his good nature. He takes commissions by the way.

Click on the illustration to visit the pregen page and collect the updated character sheet.

2/7/18 - It's come to my attention that the city of Escondido is a place of paranormal events, a place of mystery, even a place of the supernatural. It seems important to know about this city and the events taking place there so I've added a link with detailed information of Escondido on the links page.

I've also heard that it goes by another name: The Devil's Corner...

Cover to The Devil's Corner comic bookThe Devil's Corner

“Taking the world by storm... is what actual storms do. We just want to tell stories. We love comics and we'll make them till we die. We've got a lot of things going on, including novels for adults and kids, short stories, screenplays, and TV pilots.  Something's gotta hit, right?”

From the humble city of Escondido, James and Craig are two BTS fans who unfortunately found the House one afternoon while looking for BTS material. Neither have been the same since.

But their misfortune has been the Host's gain as we've been chatting and discussing various BTS related subjects. They also plan to drop off a BTS monster or three in the future. Beware them.

When they say they're “Bringing you comic books, novels, and other entertainment in the realm of the supernatural”, they mean it. Check out the preview of their upcoming Devil's Corner comic book. Its got all the earmarks of a good BTS worthy tale and I look forward to the full issue.

I encourage all paranormal investigators to look into Escondido, but do so cautiously!

Teaser foir an upcoming monster2/6/2017 -
What in the world?!?!?!

I looked out the window this morning (I was curious if not a little excited as to what all the blood curdling screaming was about and where it was coming from) and I saw this ... thing, outside my window!

Whatever it is... it's cold outside, and if you're cold, they're cold!
So bring them inside!
I know, I'm all heart like that.

So I've hired a few professionals to capture this thing and bring it inside the House.
I've got several more on standby though as this thing with probably kill several of them in the process.

In the meantime, I'm getting a perch ready for it. I'm putting it in a place where it can look over the many house guests during their stay, allowing it to pick and choose its meals.

Stay tuned... eventually this thing will be roaming free in the House, along with its information, vitals and statistics.

Illustration of Matika Juneau

11/23/17: Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to all my beloved House Guests!

As promised, a new NPC has arrived at the House, just in time for the holiday dinner!

Allow me to introduce you all to Matika "The Messenger Juneau". Matika is an NPC that I plan to use in my home game as a response to the sudden increase in Dark Magic and Witchery in the Pacific Northwest.

Matika is a Ghost Hunter (Night Hunter) P.C.C. and Native American whose psychic abilities were recognized early by her tribal Council and trained her for years to become a proficient hunter.

While she’s as capable of dealing with the Supernatural as any Night Hunter, her training included her tribe’s more merciless methods of hunting and combating witchery.

Witches are common evils in most Native American lore’s, and it’s no exception with Matika’s tribe. Her tribe has a secretive past of hunting and combating witchery and Matika upholds that tradition, but does so in her own rebellious and far more public way; much to the chagrin of her tribal council.

Click on her illustration to head over to the NPC section and get the PDF!

11/21/2017: Beyond the Supernatural players in Las Vegas wanted!

Hello to all my treasured house guests. I've just received word that a GM in the Las Vegas area is looking for BTS players.

If interested, send me a message at and I'll get you in touch with him.

Side Note: Personally, I think playing BTS in Las Vegas would be an intriguing experience. I ran an adventure that took place in the area once and it went quite well.

11/16/17: Here at the House of BTS, the Thanksgiving season is in full swing like a psychotic murderer's axe coming at your neck. The Host is feeling particularly thankful this year as some of you answered my call for help by chipping in and helping with the cost of hosting and maintaining the House over the last few months. It's supporters like you that keep the House of BTS haunting the internet like a relentless spirit.

As a way of saying thank you to all the supporters, BTS fans and house guests who stop by when they can, I've been secretly working on an NPC whom I'd been planning to add to my home game (I even commissioned Brandon C. Clark to illustrate her back in 2014) but hasn't showed up yet.

The now, the secret is out; she will show up at the House on Thanksgiving morning!

Until then, be thankful for all that you have and be sure to stop by the House on Thanksgiving to meet Matika!

11/8/17: Well, all good things must come to an end and so has Kent's Killer's time with us. They've got a busy schedule and lots of killing ahead of them and time waits for no one. They all bid you adieu until next year. I'm sad to see them go myself (they all make for such wonderfully unique company) and I await their return next year.

In other news, I came across a surprise the other day as has a page dedicated to our beloved RPG game! I think it’s pretty accurate, if missing a few key tropes. Click this link to read it.

Ghost Wood Illustration by Kent Burles

The Wood Ghost

To me it looked like a poorly carved, rather ridiculous attempt to manufacture a “scary”. Many of the other wood sculptures the natives had shown me were masterpieces of design and craft, but this was lacking in finish, artless in execution, and laughable in its realization. Were they having me on? Were they laughing at the foolish outsider, and his foolish concerns?

But they saw the skepticism in my eyes and swore it was real, swore that the spirit of a living man had been embedded in the trunk of a growing tree. I didn't bother to ask why this had happened. I didn't’t want to encourage them, and I turned away from it, working as hard as I could to maintain my dignity and my superiority.

But I had looked into the dead eyes of the thing, and I did not doubt, and only fear moved within me ...

From the inspirational illustration by Kent Burles comes The Wood Ghost!

This is a different kind of article for me and very different from where I thought I would go with it originally. That being said I enjoyed the direction The Wood Ghost took me with my writing. It is truly a mystery, even to the Host!

The Wood Ghost is a tool and a prop for GM's to make use of as they see fit. For those of you who are playing BTS - as opposed to running - should not be reading this article as doing so will ruin what few facts are known about this mysterious thing, or things, called The Wood Ghost . The Wood Ghost is all about adding mystery, fear and flavor text to your BTS setting.

This is also something of a living document. In time I may get questions or realize aspects I've not considered before, or it may appear in my home game from time to time and as more aspects and events of the Wood Ghost come to light, I will add onto and periodically update this article. I will let you know whenever I do.

If you have questions or have experiences with the Wood Ghost that you'd like to share and have added to this document, you can send me a message on the Facebook page or send an e-mail to

You can download this article by clicking on this link. Enjoy!

Psychic Class & Abilities discussion about Will Byers from
“Stranger Things”

Image of Will ByersFirst off, for those who haven't seen the incredibly good Netflix show Stranger Things... well, this post has spoilers in it. Furthermore, if you haven't see it then you should as its very BTS friendly, so watch it and then get reason for season 2 later this month!

I had a random conversation with a fellow BTS fan the other day and the subject of Will Byers came up.
For those who don't recall the name, Will is the younger brother of Jonathan Byers and the son of Joyce Byers. He's also the boy who vanishes after encountering the monster that escaped through a rift to the "Upside Down", a sort of alternate dimension (discovered by the Hawkins Laboratory scientists).

Our conversation led to a question: is Will psychic? And if so, what kind of psychic would he be, and what kind of abilities would he have in Beyond the Supernatural terms? While my discussions about TV characters are not usually posted on the House of BTS, I found this conversation interesting enough to share with everyone. If nothing else, it gives you an insight into how I decipher Psychic Abilities.

Getting back to the discussion, we both found it pretty obvious that Will is Psychic, especially when you consider the now iconic “Alphabet Wall” scene. As we discussed this scene it brought up a another question: In game mechanics terms, how did Will manipulate the lights like that?

Well, after taking a look at the psychic abilities in the book as well as psychic classes we came up with the following:

First off we agreed that in BTS terminology Will would be a Latent Psychic P.C.C. (see page 54), or at least a budding one who's not fully aware of what he is yet. And judging by how he was more terrified of what was happening to and around him more than anything else, we agreed that his orientation would be Fears Psionic Abilities.

This proved to be an ideal direction to go as this makes him oriented towards both Sensitive and Machine based Psionic Abilities. While the Machine related abilities are what matters here, its worth mentioning that there's no doubt in my mind that Will is a Sensitive type. His mom even mentions at some point that he's “sensitive”. I think this builds our case to his orientation and P.C.C. type.

The first thing I considered is that the lights were not likely plugged in, unless they had an on/off switch (similar to the lamps in his room), which I doubt. So to make them light up at all (as well as individually) Will would have the Living Battery ability (page 103). This ability would also likely have made the lamps and lights in his room flicker.

To make the lights flicker individually like he does, we agreed that he would use a form of Mental Electronic Messaging (page 104). Machine Activation (page 104) is too vague and basic (although he likely used this to manipulate the stereo in his brother's room), and a string of Christmas lights cant be considered a machine, making Telemechanic Mental Operation (page 106) not applicable.

Image of Will Byers in mirrorBased on the events in the show, there's also an argument that he has Astral Projection, Presence Sense, Sense Evil, Sixth Sense and even Sense Dimensional Anomaly (all Sensitive related) to round out his Psychic abilities. The "vision" he saw at the end of the season might even be considered a Precognitive Dream; one of the common abilities of the Latent Psychic.

After putting this much thought into him, Will (or a version of him) may get fleshed out on a character sheet and show up on the NPC page someday.

“Modern Day Necromancer” teaser from Greg Diaczyk

10/4/17 - The Rifter #78 is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to the BTS goodies it has to offer! I'm particularly excited about the "Modern Day Necromancer" article from Greg Diaczyk as his Palladium Books related scribes never disappoint.

Well, even The Host of the House gets a little impatient sometimes. I asked Greg to send a teaser of what his article's about and what we can look forward to. I'm happy to announce that he delivered!

“So those of you who recognize my name, probably know me as the author of Rifts® Lemuria, a book filled with Biomancy and living creatures. Maybe because of that I've always liked the Necromancer as a villain. Maybe it’s the antithesis to my heroes or maybe it’s more primal in that the Necromancer is the ultimate recycler, taking the fallen and turning them into an army of the dead for his beck and call.

For my current Beyond the Supernatural™ campaign I have an N.P.C. Necromancer helping out the players. Now it’s hard to be running around the city with a bunch of skeletal animated dead and killing just brings the attention of the authorities so I had to develop plausible means for my N.P.C. Necromancer to not only operate, but be a subtle power in the campaign without all the usual flashiness that Necromancers tend to be.

So in Rifter #78, the Modern Necromancer takes a look at the problems of operating as a Death Mage in the Beyond the Supernatural™ world, how to solve problems, bend the rules and fly under the radar of police, medical examiners and of course the public. A sort of related problem is that a lot of the Necromancer’s special powers are derived from the bones of supernatural and magical creatures, something I took the liberty of assuming that a Modern Necromancer isn't going to have access to on a regular basis.

I expanded the various powers derived from the Union with the Dead and Augmentation with Additional Appendages to include rare, ancient creatures such as the plethora of giant prehistoric mammals and dinosaurs, both of which provide unique powers and properties, not unlike that of supernatural creatures and dragons. This means that a Modern Necromancer operating within a museum now has access to some pretty potent and powerful bones”. --Greg Diaczyk

Well my interest is peak! I look forward getting my copy of the Rifter and reading all about how the Modern Necromancer works and what they can do. Who knows? There could be a Necromancer added to the NPC page some day!

The Candle Specter by Kent Burles


10/3/17 - Greetings and Salutations to all of my beloved House Guests!

The Host is well aware of his lack of haunting activity in the House as of late, but sometimes other matters in my afterlife must be tended to (like hiding all these bodies).

But as you all know, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I like to do special things this time of year with the House.

The first treat of the season is the return of Kent Burles' Psychic Slashers and Serial Killers! Their absence last year didn't go unnoticed as a few of you asked me to make sure they came back this year. You were foolish to do so, and it's too late to stop them now!

Other goodies coming this year include updated NPC's, new skills, new adventure ideas and new monsters!

Stay tuned as more tricks and treats are coming!

Cover for the Rifter #78

The Rifter #78 is coming soon, and its bringing new BTS goodies!

From Palladium's website: The Rifter® #78 is coming along nicely. I believe Charles Walton and other artists are all done with the art for the issue. Now it’s time to typeset and layout.

This is another great issue with a range of awesome source material for Palladium Fantasy®, Rifts®, Splicers®, and Beyond the Supernatural™, including Greg Diaczyk’s BTS Modern Necromancer and a Tome Grotesque preview via a new monster written by Kevin Siembieda!

I'm looking forward to this one!

June 7th, 2017:To all my House and Host fans…

Illustration from Beyond the SupernaturalAs some of you may know, the House of BTS has been around for a wonderful six years and counting. I built the House as a way to learn and practice for my short-lived plans to become a web designer as well as create the best Beyond the Supernatural fan site around. I built the House from ground up and put a lot of thought, energy, work and effort into making it the site you enjoy now.

The House has also provided me with the unexpected pleasure of getting to know a lot of its visitors. Since opening I have written to, spoken to, worked with and even met lots of gracious and generous volunteers and contributors. Writers, artists, gamemasters and players all alike have become a part of the House.

While real life has kept me from adding to and updating much over the last year, I've got lots of things that I’d like to add to the House, including new monsters, NPC’s, Pregen’s, articles, resources and the like. Kevin S. of Palladium Books has also been revamping his efforts with BTS, starting with a preview of a Tomes Grotesque monster in the Rifter #78, making this a good time to get back to building onto the House.

However, the House is in danger of closing its doors and disappearing forever!

To avoid this dark fate, I’m asking for help! Click here to read all about it.

Illustration of Mercy BaitisMay 22nd, 2017: Some of you may recall that the House has a room dedicated to Non-Player Characters (NPC's) that are either used in my home game or have been submitted by various House Guests.

Well, something I've been wanting to do for awhile now is make “generic NPC's”; NPC's that are not designed for my home game specifically. NPC's that any GM can download and use in their home game as desired. The contacts would be left blank (to fill in as needed) and there's no mention of location specifics. I'd even leave spaces in places like weapons/attacks for the GM to include whatever desired.

To that end I'm happy to release my first generic NPC “Madame Mercy” Baitis! Mercy is a (Cursed) Ordinary Human P.C.C. who works as a Fortune Teller and a “Psychic Consultant” for the police, detective agencies, private individuals and businesses.

Mercy took up Fortune Telling in the trailer park mall she lives in with her mom and younger sister to help supplement their income when her mom became sick. In the last year or so she began having genuine divinations, however the rub is that all of her divinations come in the form of horrific visions and hallucinations.

Her divinations are invaluable to any group of PC's as she warns them of incoming dangers and doom. However, she's also a liability in that her visions are tormenting and hard on her.

On the surface she comes off as greedy, moody and anxious. But as the team gets to know her they'll learn that she's got a big heart and suffers her divinations for the sake of her family. If the group inquires, Mercy's visions are the result of her being cursed by a demon and some clever detective work & paranormal investigating could lead them to it and dealing with it. I leave it to the GM as to what it is, what it wants and if her visions go away after the demon perishes.

Note: Mercy's info is generic as possible with blank spaces, but for a $5 donation I can personalize it for you, or for a $10 donation I'll send you the excel file to update as you see fit.

The illustration by Brandon C. Clark portrays Mercy suffering from a horrific divination while something devious and demonic watches on behind her (the demon who inflict the curse upon her). Mercy's illustration was paid for by a generous donation from Tony of Black Rabbit Games.

Click here to meet Mercy and download her character sheet

May 11th, 2017: Spent some time correcting, cleaning up and adding onto some of the pages that hadn't been updated in awhile. Some of the updates in particular include adding some new rules in the House Rules page, cleaning up some of the Meta in the Contact Page to help ensure that you re able to contact me, and most importantly I've added the Court of the Tarot Errata over in The Lab!

This is something that I'd considered doing in the past but I held back as the errata already had a home on the Nexus Nine site. However, the Nexus Nine site is closing soon, so Scott - the author of the wonderful Court of Tarot article from the Rifter #45 - asked if I would add it to the House. Of course I would, and the file can now be found down in The Lab for those interested.

The Court of Tarot Errata includes a new occupation, new rules for funding and bribery, four new classes including a ghost which is available as a player character class (with game master approval of course), six new psi-devices, two new spells, monsters, several non-player characters and more information on the Saint Augustine setting.

I'd also like to mention that the Rifter #78 will include a Tomes Grotesque preview of an “official source material” monster written by Kevin Siembieda. This is big news to me as its the first time in a few years that something official for BTS has been published. I look forward to reading all about it.

Illustration of Justin VanBuskirkMarch 2017 - It's been too quiet for far too long in the House of BTS, and Mike "Mad Man" Leonard has just the thing to shake things up a bit and clear out a few cob webs!

As a birthday gift to the the Host of the House of BTS, Mike created a new illustration of "Justin VanBuskirk"
from the Pregenerated Characters page.

As fate would have it, Justin's character sheet was in need of a upgrade as well, so I ended up redesigning almost everything. But its finished, and it can be found by clicking here!

You have my thanks Mike, for both the illustration and for helping to get the House of BTS some paranormal activity again!


Past news and information concerning the house that's more than six months old, but is still worth knowing can be found below:

BTS Illustration by Chuck Wilson10/1/14 - Well... October, the fall season and Halloween are all upon us again, and I for one am going simply raving mad about it! The paranormal activity within the house is increasing as well as the number of house guests (and the supernatural creatures & monsters that stalk them). Kent Burles' Psychic Serial Killers and Murderers are returning as honored guests for the season (and will be arriving soon), and several tricks AND treats will be passed out throughout the month.

In fact, I'll pass out my first treat now!

When I attend game conventions and run a Beyond the Supernatural game, I bring along copies of what I call the Character Sheet Reference and Tracker page. Its a two sided document designed to make it easy for first time players to find details in the book concerning the information on their BTS pregenerated character sheet.

Well, for the first time ever I'm making this page available for all of my house guests! Click here to get it!

While its not the most useful for long time players, the tracker on the back side can still be of use to you. If nothing else, when you run your own BTS con-games, you're welcome print up copies to pass out to your players.

Keep your eyes on the House of BTS as more goodies will show up throughout the month! You can watch the Palladium Forum page as well as the Facebook page for news and information as well.

6/1/14 - In general I don't like to brag or pat myself on the back, but sometimes it's nice to get a compliment, if only to be reminded that I'm doing it right.

I've gotten plenty of compliments on the House (which is fantastic as I'm pretty proud of it), but there are a few compliments both directly & indirectly that I wanted to share.

-From a review by the Semi-Retired Gamer who had this to say about the house: “Even thought I do not own or play BTS yet, I found the fan site to be extremely well done and should be of use to others. This site is basically what every gaming fan site should strive to be”.

-I spotted these in a BTS related post on the Palladium Forums:

ffranceschi wrote:“BTS has MrLoucifer and the best Palladium related website ever”...

Hendrik replied with: “House of BTS is awesome beyond the pale and getting better. Steven is an excellent writer chock full of excellent ideas and loves BTS”

-And while not House related per se, Stephanie, one of my players, had this to say about my home BTS game/materials:

“Another great GM is Steven Dawes... He's honestly the best GM I've ever played with. His Beyond the Supernatural games are brilliant."

I'm flattered to death by words like these; they help keep me and the House going.

Illustration fo the Bogey Man by Brandon C. Clark

3/16/14 - May I have everyone's attention please?

Brandon C. Clark is the interior decorator of the House of BTS, and in many ways I consider him my right hand concerning matters in the House.

Well, Brandon has run into a stitch that you can help unravel. In short, he needs character commissions, and the speedier your commission come the better.

I can tell you from personal experience, Brandon understands and knows the BTS vibe (or other RPG settings if desired), his character commissions are always top shelf quality, and he's expedient. I have a photo album dedicated to his work on The Facebook page (as well as spattered around the walls of the House) if you want examples of his fine work.

His standard rate is $25 for a character portrait (unless you want something intricate). Honestly, for the quality of his work, that's an outright steal!

Brandon has a Facebook page where you can befriend and reach him at, or you can contact him via his e-mail address at (which coincidentally is the Pay Pal address you can send him funds through).

1/26/14 - The "Semi-Retired Gamer" is a blog featuring the game related ramblings and ideas of a role-player of over 30 years. I'm proud to announce that he reviewed the House of BTS on his blog! And what did he have to say? Heres a few excerpts:

"Even thought I do not own or play BTS yet, I found the fan site to be extremely well done and should be of use to others."

"This site is basically what every gaming fan site should strive to be."

Click here to read his full review; tell him the Host sent you while you're there.

This has been a long time coming, but the House is now officially hosted with pride by Host Omaha!

From here on out, you'll find the house by visiting “”. This means that the house that Beyond the Supernatural built is here to stay!

It will continue to serve as a BTS fan resource like it always has, but it will now be used as a sampler page in my hopes to build a niche as a fan site designer. You can also continue to follow the paranormal activities that go on inside the house through the Facebook page.

I also hope to spring board the site to new heights as I've lot lots of ideas and plans to build onto current (and possibly new) sections of the house. New monsters, new NPC, new gear, and more is coming! Stay tuned!

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